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Football Manager: The Best Long Throw-In Takers

Everybody heard about Rory Delap and his famous long throws which Stoke used successfully in a lot of occasions.

These days almost every football team has one good long throw-in taker.

In fact, you could see the Republic of Ireland women’s football team to use it.

Check this video with unbelievable long throws by Megan Campbell.

But, due to good scouting and the fact that many teams use it, the defences are a lot better in defending it.

Still, it is a good attacking weapon, and I personally love to have at least one player with a good lown throw-in attribute.


Long throws strategies

You can find a lot of various throw-ins set up tactics.

For the example, in the video below is how Sporting de Gijon set up long throw-ins:



Per game, there are between 40 and 60 throw-ins. And 50 percent of them are on the opponent’s half.

Physicists Nicholas Linthorne and David Everett have calculated that the optimal angle of throwing the ball is 30 degrees.

Proper throw-in implies that the player uses both hands and that the ball has to move from behind the head.

It is very common to see a fullback or a wing back to take the throw-in.


My set-up

As I prefer to set up every single tactic detail myself, I also take some time to set up throw-ins to match my vision and my squad ability.

So, when I set up dangerous long throw-in, the first and the most important thing is that the taker has the necessary ability to execute long throws.

After that, I want to have one or two players with a great jumping and heading ability to jump on the ball.

And this is how my long throw-ins set up looks:

Version 1 – standard

long throw-ins v1

This is the kind of standard set up. You can see three men staying back.

One player comes close and brings one opponent player out of the box. Also, one player is at the edge of the box, and draw the attention of one opponent player.

I have one DC at near post and one in the box along with two more players.

The two players are players with good jumping, heading, and strength (DCs) and other two must have good finishing and anticipation attributes.

Version 2 – best in FM

long throw-ins v2

This version showed as the best for me in Football Manager.

When comparing with previously mentioned version 1 this version produced around 30% more goals and almost 50% more clear-cut chances.

The first difference is that I have one more player to come short, and the second difference is that player from near post is moved in the box.

The players roles aren’t too important and the set up was from the basic 4-4-2 formation.

Feel free and adjust to suit your formation/team needs!

Long throws training in FM 2019

In Football Manager 2019 there is a completely new training system, and I really looking forward to seeing how can it be used in the terms of developing long throw takers.


Well, if you didn’t know, Thomas Grønnemark joined Liverpool this summer as a throw-in coach!

BTW, he holds the Guinness World Record for the longest throw-in!

And this is the coaching staff addition what I would like to see and have in Football Manager new training system!

The best throw-in takers in FM

Now you have only one more problem left… The right player to take long throws!

If you already have the player with long throws attribute over 15 you can train him to possess long flat throw.

long throws attribute

In fact, younger players with 12,13 long throws attribute and a good development potential can be trained to increase this attribute and use long flat throw.

possesses long flat throw

Just watch this incredible throw in by Tim Vodeb:

And to give you a head start, below you will find a list of best long throw-in takers in Football Manager.

Choose and use long throws as the attacking surprise!

What is your opinion about long throw-ins?


Van Damme, Jelle Belgium 34
Pereira, Joao Portugal 34
Molinaro, Cristian Italy 34
Núnez, Luis Colombia 34
López, Blas Paraguay 34
Kaufman, Josef Czech Republic 34
Yang Sang-Min South Korea 34
Villanueva, Cristian Argentina 34
Franco, Maureen Uruguay 34
Chiellini, Giorgio Italy 33
Kvist, William Denmark 33
Halford, Greg England 33
Taylor, Ryan England 33
Guevara, Michael Peru 33
Pereira, Maxi Uruguay / Portugal 33
Castro, Gonzalo Uruguay / Spain 33
Schwegler, Christian Switzerland 33
Popov, Goran FYR Macedonia / Bulgaria 33
Dick, Florian Germany 33
Holebas, José Greece / Germany / Uruguay 33
Evans, Brad U.S.A. 33
Goni, Ernesto Uruguay 33
Piszczek, Lukasz Poland 32
van Peppen, Ard Holland 32
Paartalu, Erik Australia / Estonia 32
Hollands, Danny England 32
Fuchs, Christian Austria 32
Gonçalves, José Portugal / Switzerland 32
Fernández, Christian Spain 32
Latovlevici, Iasmin Romania 32
Kelenc, Doris Slovenia 32
Vleminckx, Björn Belgium 32
Hoogland, Tim Germany 32
Wemmer, Jens Germany 32
Torres, Miguel Spain 32
Johannes, Robyn South Africa 31
Belmonte, Nicola Italy 31
Denisov, Vitaly Uzbekistan 31
Monzón, Fabián Argentina 31
Galíndez, Hernán Argentina 31
Xaro Brazil 31
Hatami, Babak Iran 31
Boenisch, Sebastian Poland / Germany 31
Pisano, Eros Italy 31
Kim Sung-Hwan South Korea 31
Malón, Iván Spain 31
Haglund, Philip Sweden 31
Besler, Matt U.S.A. 31
Velázquez, Pablo Paraguay 31
Flores, Franco Argentina 30
Spurr, Tommy England 30
Elm, Rasmus Sweden 30
Johnson, Fabian U.S.A. / Germany 30
Dematei, Nicolás Argentina 30
Schrammel, Thomas Austria 30
Claudemir Brazil 30
Moisés Brazil 30
Laura, Christian Peru 30
Kanstrup, Pierre Denmark 29
Juelsgard, Jesper Denmark 29
Hamalainen, Brian Denmark / Finland 29
Hansen, Kian Denmark 29
Shotton, Ryan England 29
García, Santiago Argentina / Italy 29
Marcos Rocha Brazil 29
Vidanov, Pavel Bulgaria 29
Gomes, Eddi Guinea-Bissau / Denmark / Portugal 29
Lichaj, Eric U.S.A. / Poland 29
Boateng, Jérôme Germany / Ghana 29
Schmiedebach, Manuel Germany / Colombia / Venezuela 29
Brosinski, Daniel Germany / England 29
Kopplin, Björn Germany 29
Gunnarsson, Aron Iceland 29
Hernández, Luis Spain 29
Zemlyanukhin, Anton Kyrgyzstan / Kazakhstan 29
Montero, Maximiliano Uruguay 29
Balogun, Leon Nigeria / Germany 29
Bangura, Mohamed Sierra Leone 28
Reinaldo Brazil 28
Williams, Sheanon U.S.A. 28
Hajsafi, Ehsan Iran 28
Antonio, Michail England / Jamaica 28
Diekmeier, Dennis Germany 28
Noya, Rodrigo Argentina / Mexico 28
Góis, Joao Portugal 28
Abero, Mathías Uruguay / Italy 28
Métanire, Romain France / Réunion 28
Chandler, Timothy U.S.A. / Germany 28
Olkowski, Pawel Poland 28
Nelom, Miquel Holland / Suriname 27
Moses, Victor Nigeria / England 27
Al-Muwallad, Saeed Saudi Arabia 27
Makhedjouf, Florian Algeria / France 27
Jung, Sebastian Germany 27
Thesker, Stefan Germany 27
Bulthuis, Dave Holland 27
Nordtveit, Havard Norway 27
Soto, Matías Uruguay 27
Ghoulam, Faouzi Algeria / France 27
Roberts, Marc England 27
Frydek, Martin Czech Republic 26
Sorensen, Frederik Denmark 26
Kwon Kyung-Won South Korea 26
Cuba, Rodrigo Peru 26
Cabrera, Leandro Uruguay / Spain 26
Günter, Christian Germany 26
Plattenhardt, Marvin Germany 26
Jung, Anthony Germany / Spain 26
Gießelmann, Niko Germany 26
Knudsen, Jonas Denmark 25
Wickham, Connor England / N.Ireland / Ireland 25
Nelson, Curtis England 25
Devine, Danny N.Ireland 25
Moore, Liam England / Jamaica 25
Monaco, Salvatore Italy 25
Kim Jin-Su South Korea 25
Rólantsson, Gilli Faroe Islands / Denmark 25
Shaughnessy, Joe Ireland 25
Sim Sang-Min South Korea 25
Oguz, Ahmet Turkey 25
Arias, Ramón Uruguay 25
Varela, Guillermo Uruguay / Italy 25
Rodríguez, Ricardo Switzerland / Spain / Chile 25
Mikanovic, Dino Croatia 24
Robinson, Jack England 24
Willems, Jetro Holland / Curaçao 24
Di Filippo, Nicolas Italy 24
Arabuli, Bachana Georgia 24
Janza, Erik Slovenia 24
Jang Ho-Ik South Korea 24
Ayala, Luis Miguel Ecuador 24
Götz, Ashton Germany / U.S.A. 24
Sauer, Maximilian Germany 24
Piovi, Gonzalo Argentina 23
Bartolec, Karlo Croatia 23
Paterson, Callum Scotland 23
Guilbert, Frédéric France 23
Bauer, Robert Germany / Kazakhstan 23
Rudol, Sebastian Poland 23
Bustos, Fabricio Argentina 22
Léo Pelé Brazil 22
Alyson Brazil 22
David Luis Brazil 22
Jedvaj, Tin Croatia 22
Jang Chul-Yong South Korea 22
Etcheverry, Enrique Uruguay 22
Bockaj, Petar Croatia 21
Aina, Ola Nigeria / England 21
Michelin, Clément France 21
Suárez, Mathías Uruguay 21
Bartosz, Jakub Poland 21
Maloku, Leonardo Albania / Italy 20
Bech, Mads Denmark 19
McKennie, Weston U.S.A. 19
Danso, Kevin Austria / Ghana / England 19
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