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Football Manager: The Best Long Throw-In Takers

Everybody heard about Rory Delap and his famous long throws which Stoke used successfully in a lot of occasions.

These days almost every football team has one good long throw-in taker.

In fact, you could see the Republic of Ireland women’s football team to use it.

You should check this video with unbelievable long throws by Megan Campbell.

But, due to good scouting and the fact that many teams use it, the defences are a lot better in defending it.

Still, it is a good attacking weapon, and I personally love to have at least one player with a good lown throw-in attribute.


Long throws strategies

You can find a lot of various throw-ins set up tactics.

For the example, in the video below is how Sporting de Gijon set up long throw-ins:



Per game, there are between 40 and 60 throw-ins. And 50 percent of them are on the opponent’s half (1).

Physicists Nicholas Linthorne and David Everett have calculated that the optimal angle of throwing the ball is 30 degrees (2).

Proper throw-in implies that the player uses both hands and that the ball has to move from behind the head.

It is very common to see a fullback or a wing back to take the throw-in.

The paper, titled “Causal Analysis of Tactics in Soccer: The Case of Throw-ins” by Nirodha Epasinghege Dona and Tim B Swartz, published in the IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, investigates the optimal target locations for throw-ins in soccer using player tracking data (3).

The study found a benefit to long throw-ins, where on average, they result in approximately four more shots per 100 throw-ins.

The document titled “Identifying Optimal Throw-in Strategy in Football Using Logistic Regression” by Stephan Nieto focuses on optimizing throw-in tactics in football to enhance the chances of a successful throw-in (4).

One of the key findings was that long throws directed towards the opposition’s goal are most effective for creating goal-scoring opportunities from throw-ins in the attacking third of the pitch.


My set-up in FM

As I prefer to set up every single tactic detail myself, I also take some time to set up throw-ins to match my vision and my squad ability.

So, when I set up dangerous long throw-in, the first and the most important thing is that the taker has the necessary ability to execute long throws.

After that, I want to have one or two players with a great jumping and heading ability to jump on the ball.

And this is how my long throw-ins set up looks:

Version 1 – standard

long throw-ins v1

This is the kind of standard set up. You can see three men staying back.

One player comes close and brings one opponent player out of the box. Also, one player is at the edge of the box, and draw the attention of one opponent player.

I have one DC at near post and one in the box along with two more players.

The two players are players with good jumping, heading, and strength (DCs) and other two must have good finishing and anticipation attributes.

Version 2 – best in FM

long throw-ins v2

This version showed as the best for me in Football Manager.

When comparing with previously mentioned version 1 this version produced around 30% more goals and almost 50% more clear-cut chances.

The first difference is that I have one more player to come short, and the second difference is that player from near post is moved in the box.

The players roles aren’t too important and the set up was from the basic 4-4-2 formation.

Feel free and adjust to suit your formation/team needs!

Long throws training in FM

In Football Manager there is a completely new training system, and I really looking forward to seeing how can it be used in the terms of developing long throw takers.


Well, if you didn’t know, Thomas Grønnemark joined Liverpool this summer as a throw-in coach!

BTW, he holds the Guinness World Record for the longest throw-in!

And this is the coaching staff addition what I would like to see and have in Football Manager new training system!

The best throw-in takers in FM

Now you have only one more problem left… The right player to take long throws!

If you already have the player with long throws attribute over 15 you can train him to possess long flat throw.

long throws attribute

In fact, younger players with 12,13 long throws attribute and a good development potential can be trained to increase this attribute and use long flat throw.

possesses long flat throw

Just watch this incredible throw in by Tim Vodeb:

And to give you a head start, below you will find a list of best long throw-in takers in Football Manager.

Choose and use long throws as the attacking surprise!

What is your opinion about long throw-ins?

Giorgio Chiellini Italy 38
Christian Brauzmann Kyrgyzstan 19
Pedro Bondo Angola 18
Festy Ebosele Republic of Ireland,Nigeria 20
Leandro Cabrera Uruguay,Spain 32
Pedro Pelágio Portugal 23
Guilherme Ramos Portugal 25
Tom Hamer England 23
Andrei Coubiş Italy,Romania 19
Jordan Gabriel England,Scotland 24
Mads Døhr Thychosen Denmark 25
Rúnar Þór Sigurgeirsson Iceland 23
Rick Karsdorp Netherlands 28
Edier Ocampo Colombia 19
Aron Einar Gunnarsson Iceland 34
Ilja Samoshnikov Russia 25
Shuto Machino Japan 23
Sean Morrison England,Republic of Ireland 32
Christian Günter Germany 30
Jayden Candelaria Netherlands,Curaçao 19
Stefán Teitur Þórðarson Iceland 24
Axel Óskar Andrésson Iceland 25
Jonathan Galván Argentina 30
Kian Hansen Denmark 34
Adolphe Teikeu Cameroon 32
Devid Bouah Italy,Ivory Coast 21
Marcos Rocha Brazil 34
Ramón Arias Uruguay 30
Michail Antonio Jamaica,England 33
Fabian Reese Germany 25
César Ibáñez Argentina 24
Jack Robinson England 29
Oleksandr Tymchyk Ukraine 26
Mitchell Dijks Netherlands 30
Jan Bořil Czechia 32
Daniel O'Shaughnessy Finland,Republic of Ireland 28
Fabricio Olivera Brazil,Italy 22
Sander Munkeby Sundnes Norway 23
Kevin Mbabu Switzerland,Democratic Republic of Congo 28
Tomáš Kalas Czechia 30
Benny Couto Portugal,England 19
Daniel Pollen Norway 23
Ryan Malone United States 30
Jonas Knudsen Denmark 30
Svante Ingelsson Sweden 25
Aliou Coly Senegal 30
Kristoffer Gudmundsen Norway 19
Ahmet Oğuz Türkiye 30
Cédric Brunner Switzerland 29
Callum Paterson Scotland 28
George Nurse England 24
Scott Kennedy Canada,Germany 26
Faouzi Ghoulam Algeria,France 32
Mārcis Ošs Latvia 31
Marc Roberts England 32
Arkadiusz Reca Poland 28
Marnon Busch Germany 28
Filip Novák Czechia 32
Luis Hernández Spain 34
Kevin Alaniz Uruguay 20
Tyler Blackett England,Jamaica,Barbados 29
Martin Frýdek Czechia 31
Aziz Aksoy Türkiye 22
Marvin Plattenhardt Germany 31
Dennis Jastrzembski Germany,Poland 23
Will Vaulks Wales,England 29
Ivar Erlien Furu Norway 29
Jannik Dehm Germany 27
Joël Aubin Vidékon Benin 21
Kyle Connell Scotland 21
Harry Cornick England 28
Delmiro Cape Verde Islands,Portugal 34
Bryan Lasme France,Ivory Coast 24
Cristian Arrieta Colombia 27
Mariano Bittolo Argentina,Italy 33
Dmytro Niemchaninov Ukraine 33
Zainadine Júnior Mozambique 34
Leyser Chaverra Colombia 26
Johan Larsson Sweden 33
Oussama Haddadi Tunisia 31
Monir Jelassi Tunisia,Sweden 23
Martin Dostál Czechia 33
Christopher Antwi-Adjei Ghana,Germany 29
Bence Gergényi Hungary 25
Tiri Spain 31
Ryan Leonard England 31
Ivo Pinto Portugal 33
Ivan Miličević Bosnia and Herzegovina,Croatia 24
Emmanuel Iyoha Germany,Nigeria 25
Priestley Farquharson England 26
Petar Bočkaj Croatia 26
Edward McCarthy Republic of Ireland 22
Luke Leahy England,Scotland 30
Kingsley Schindler Ghana,Germany 29
Kiantay Licorish-Mullings England 16
Rodrigo Noya Argentina,Mexico 33
Saša Balić Montenegro,Serbia 33
Dawid Abramowicz Poland 32
Leandro Silva Portugal 29
Ehsan Hajsafi Iran 33
Maurice Neubauer Germany 27
Mümin Talip Pazarlı Türkiye 29
Joshua Kayode Republic of Ireland,Nigeria,England 23
Jakub Bartosz Poland 26
Stephen O'Donnell Scotland,Republic of Ireland 31
Sanchez Brazil 27
Thanasis Panteliadis Greece 35
Mathías Abero Uruguay,Italy 33
Niall Heaton England 26
Vahid Amiri Iran 35
Fardin Rabet Iran 21
Maureen Franco Uruguay 39
Luke Bastable England 19
Leandro Silva Portugal 27
Daniel Brosinski Germany,England 34
Fabio Kaufmann Germany,Italy 30
Sean Long Republic of Ireland 28
Aaron Berzel Germany 31
Alexandr Stepanov Russia 27
Karlo Bartolec Croatia 28
Damian Zbozień Poland 34
Claudemir Brazil,Netherlands 35
Sim Sang-Min South Korea 30
Hans Salinas Chile 33
Joe Shaughnessy Republic of Ireland 30
Killian Brouder Republic of Ireland 24
Mauricio Rosales Argentina 31
Vitaly Denisov Uzbekistan,Russia 36
Basilio Equatorial Guinea 24
Aaron Olanare Nigeria 29
Tahar El Khalej Portugal,Morocco 25
Gergő Vaszicsku Hungary 31
Mikkel Qvist Denmark,Colombia 30
Alexandr Tenyaev Russia 27
Gabriel Robinson United States,Guatemala 28
Zalán Dobos Hungary 18
Marcin Warcholak Poland 33
Dan Jones England 28
Torge Paetow Germany 27
Aaron Muirhead Scotland 32
Filipe Cascão Portugal 26
Ben Tozer England 33
Radu Motreanu Romania 24
Erik Brenden Norway 29
Xaro Brazil 36
Enrique Etcheverry Uruguay 27
Tim Nilsen Norway 30
Mark Ellis England 34
Torbjørn Log Persson Norway 22
Connor Wickham England,Northern Ireland,Republic of Ireland 30
Guus Joppen Netherlands 33
Marc Lorenz Germany 34
Hakeeb Adelakun England,Nigeria 27
João Góis Portugal 33
Kirill Furman Russia 20
Alexander Groven Norway 31
Runar Overvik Norway 28
Artur Gieraga Poland 35
Chris Bush England 31
James Bowen England 27
Zsombor Futó Hungary 31
Sam Muggleton England 27
Aleksander Bjerke Christensson Norway 26
Moses Ogbu Nigeria 32
César Medina Colombia 30
Paul McCallum England 29
Steinþór Freyr Þorsteinsson Iceland 37
Damián Salto Argentina,Italy 31
Gábor Eperjesi Hungary 29
Errico Altobello Italy 32
István Bagi Hungary 34
Alessandro Tomassini Italy 23
Michał Kiełtyka Poland 28
Tom Doyle New Zealand 30
Ryan Sellers England 28
Luke O'Neill England 31
Anton Zemlyanukhin Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan 34
Michael McGowan Scotland 35
Zak Mills England,Germany 31
Bikash Yumnam India 19
Seo Bo-Min South Korea 32
Danny Hollands England 37
Vincenzo Corvino Italy 32
Arlen Beksulov Kyrgyzstan 20
Marc Ludden Republic of Ireland,Belgium 33
Greg Halford England 38
Sebastian Górski Poland 31
Gianmarco Carta Italy 31
José Quito Portugal 26
Charles Sichilima Zambia 27
Ashley Jackson England 29
George Carline England 30
Sam Habergham England 31
Kontor Owusu-Ansah Ghana 31
Marco Francese Australia,Italy 27
Ian Herring England 39
Mohammed Ali Kamal Norway,Iraq 28
Ljubo Baranin Serbia 36
Tony McNamee Republic of Ireland 29
Mikkel Nøhr Denmark 32
Anton Agebjörn Sweden 29
Julius Søgård Norway 21
Anton Smith New Zealand 28
Dominique Taboga Austria 40
Ryan Shotton England 34
Matt Johnson England 33
Rickie Hayles England 38
Jordan Allan Scotland 28
Adrian Filipiak Poland 28
Lewis Chambers England 23
Zack Newton England 26
Elhadji Baldeh Spain,The Gambia 32
Vasilis Mavropoulos Greece 29
Jamie Hood England 39
Samuel Antoniadis Australia,Greece 28
Tom Miller England 32
Albinot Rexhepi Sweden,Kosovo 30
Andy Owens England 33
Danny Boys England 37
Curtis Obeng England,Ghana 34
Jamie Bain Scotland 31
Nicklas Karlsen Norway 27
Kevin McKinlay Scotland 37
Chan Hoi Pak Hong Kong (China PR) 24
Johnny Herd England 33
Marcus Ohlsson Sweden,Norway 32
Lee Chappell England 37
Patrick Bakksjø Norway 35
Tommy Mawat Bada Malaysia 26
Rahul Bheke India 32
Matt Lowe England 32
Lewis McMahon England 38
Curtis Haynes-Brown England 34
Aaron Burns Northern Ireland 31
Chris Gregan England 26
Alex Flisher England 31
Gavin Cockman England 30
Mario Swaby Jamaica 40
Adam Hesp Wales 31
Silas Storgaard Denmark 28
Mika Kytöviita Finland 35
Marcus Bowers England 34
Rune Vikan Norway 30
Jake Wholey England 29
Chan Cheuk Kwong Hong Kong (China PR) 38
Raju Gaikwad India 32
Liam Parker England 37
Junior Luke Antigua and Barbuda,England 33
Rhodri Lewis Wales 34
Ricky Hill England 30
Corey Smart Wales 28
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