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The Best Attacking Midfielders (AMC) in Football Manager

The role of an Attacking Midfielder (AMC) in football can be vital for several reasons, each contributing to the team’s overall effectiveness in creating and converting scoring opportunities:

  • Link Between Midfield and Attack: The AMC serves as a crucial link between the midfield and the forwards. They are positioned to receive the ball from deeper midfielders and turn play forward, initiating attacking moves.
  • Creation of Scoring Opportunities: Attacking midfielders are often responsible for creating chances for the team. They do this either by threading through balls to forwards, playing key passes, or by carrying the ball into dangerous areas themselves.
  • Goal Scoring Threat: In addition to creating chances, AMCs often possess good shooting skills themselves, making them a direct threat to the goal from outside the penalty area.
  • Space Exploitation: These players excel at finding and exploiting spaces in the opposition’s defense. They often operate in the ‘number 10’ role, behind the striker(s), where they can receive the ball in pockets of space, turn, and either shoot or play in teammates.
  • Versatility in Attack: An AMC can adapt to various tactical approaches – they can drop deep to help in build-up play, drift wide to create overloads, or push forward to act almost as a second striker.
  • Set-Piece Expertise: Many attacking midfielders are skilled in taking set-pieces, including free-kicks and corners, adding another dimension to their team’s attacking arsenal.
  • Pressure on Opposing Defensive Midfielders: By operating in advanced midfield areas, AMCs can exert pressure on opposing defensive midfielders, disrupting the opposition’s attempts to build play from the back.
  • Defensive Contributions: Although their primary role is offensive, many modern attacking midfielders also contribute defensively, pressing high up the pitch and helping to win the ball back in advantageous areas.

The attacking midfielder plays a pivotal role in a team’s offensive strategy, blending creativity, goal-scoring ability, and tactical intelligence to break down defenses and create scoring opportunities.

Their ability to influence the game in the final third makes them invaluable in modern football tactics.

From my point of view, these are the three best attacking midfielders in FM 2024.


Kevin De Bruyne


  • ✅ 18 Passing
  • ✅ 16 Dribbling
  • ✅ 17 Long Shots
  • ✅ Tries Killer Balls
The Best

Lionel Messi


  • ✅ 19 Passing
  • ✅ 20 Dribbling
  • ✅ 16 Long Shots
  • ✅ The Legend

Jude Bellingham


  • ✅ 15 Passing
  • ✅ 16 Dribbling
  • ✅ 13 Long Shots
  • ✅ High Determination


What was the method for selecting the best AMCs?

The most important skills and their minimum attribute ratings are:

Accceleration 12+
Pace 12+
Dribbling 14+
Finishing 12+
Long shots 12+
Passing 14+
First touch 12+


Why did I choose each of these skills:

  • Acceleration (12+): This determines how quickly a player can reach their top speed from a stationary position. It’s essential for players who need to make quick starts, whether they’re a forward trying to break away from defenders or a midfielder looking to close down an opponent.
  • Pace (12+): This is the player’s top speed with or without the ball. It’s important for outpacing opponents during counter-attacks or tracking back to defend.
  • Dribbling (14+): A high dribbling attribute means the player is adept at running with the ball and maintaining close control, allowing them to navigate through tight defensive setups and create opportunities or retain possession in challenging scenarios.
  • Finishing (12+): This reflects a player’s ability to score when a chance presents itself. A player with good finishing will be more likely to convert a goal-scoring opportunity, making them a significant threat in the attacking third.
  • Long Shots (12+): This indicates the player’s ability to score from outside the penalty area. Players with strong long shots can keep the defense on their toes and can score from distance, adding another layer to the team’s attacking options.
  • Passing (14+): An essential attribute for any player, as it determines how accurately they can deliver the ball to a teammate. This is crucial for maintaining possession, dictating the pace of play, and setting up scoring chances.
  • First Touch (12+): The ability to control the ball quickly and effectively as it arrives is vital for ensuring fluid play. A good first touch allows a player to immediately bring the ball under control, making it easier to make the next move, whether it’s a pass, shot, or dribble.

These attributes combined would make a player particularly effective in roles where quick transitions, ball control, and scoring opportunities are frequent.

They are indicative of a player who can contribute significantly to both the build-up play and the finishing aspects of the game.

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List of all the Best Attacking Midfielders in the World

This is my list of the world’s best attacking midfielders, the maestros of the pitch who turn the art of football into a spectacle.

These are the players who dictate the tempo, craft opportunities, and redefine the flow of the game with every touch.

Jude Bellingham 19 England
Lionel Messi 35 Argentina,Spain
Bernardo Silva 28 Portugal
Kevin De Bruyne 31 Belgium
Phil Foden 23 England
Sergio Canales 32 Spain
Christopher Nkunku 25 France,Democratic Republic of Congo
Paulo Dybala 29 Argentina,Poland,Italy
Dani Olmo 25 Spain
Antoine Griezmann 32 France,Portugal,Pays Basque
Jamal Musiala 20 Germany,England,Nigeria
Talisca 29 Brazil
Jack Grealish 27 England,Republic of Ireland
Pablo Sarabia 31 Spain
James Maddison 26 England,Republic of Ireland
João Félix 23 Portugal
Giorgian De Arrascaeta 29 Uruguay,Italy
Nabil Fekir 29 France,Algeria
Florian Wirtz 20 Germany
Pedro Gonçalves 24 Portugal
Álvaro Fidalgo 26 Spain
Alexandr Golovin 27 Russia
Emile Smith Rowe 22 England
Denis Suárez 29 Spain
Julian Brandt 27 Germany
Thiago Almada 22 Argentina,Italy
Oscar 31 Brazil
Giacomo Bonaventura 33 Italy
Rafa 30 Portugal
Ebere Eze 24 England,Nigeria
Daichi Kamada 26 Japan
Nikola Vlašić 25 Croatia
Charles De Ketelaere 22 Belgium
Eduardo 33 Brazil
Kostas Fortounis 30 Greece
Igor Coronado 30 Brazil,Italy
Maximiliano Meza 31 Argentina
Xherdan Shaqiri 31 Switzerland,Albania,Kosovo
Rémy Cabella 33 France
Brahim Díaz 23 Morocco,Spain
Matheus Cunha 24 Brazil
Alexey Miranchuk 27 Russia
Claudinho 26 Brazil,Russia
Nicolae Stanciu 30 Romania
Takumi Minamino 28 Japan
Raphael Veiga 28 Brazil
Lucas Zelarayán 30 Armenia,Argentina
Gustavo Scarpa 29 Brazil,Italy
Hamed Traorè 23 Ivory Coast
Leonardo Fernández 24 Uruguay
Abdülkadir Ömür 23 Türkiye
Tommaso Baldanzi 20 Italy
Rubén García 29 Spain
David Terans 28 Uruguay
Íñigo Vicente 25 Spain,Pays Basque
David Pereira Da Costa 22 Portugal
Benjamín Rollheiser 23 Argentina
Giovanni Reyna 20 United States,Portugal,England
Malik Tillman 21 United States,Germany
Ruslan Malinovskyi 30 Ukraine
Afsha 27 Egypt
Gonzalo Martínez 30 Argentina
Luka Ivanušec 24 Croatia
Hany Mukhtar 28 Germany,Sudan,United States
Reinier 21 Brazil
Álex Baena 21 Spain
Sofiane Hanni 32 Algeria,France
Alanzinho 23 Brazil
Luciano Acosta 29 Argentina,United States
Alejandro Romero Gamarra 28 Paraguay,Argentina
Morlaye Sylla 24 Guinea
Mirko Ivanić 29 Montenegro,Serbia
Denilson 22 Brazil
Oscar Romero 30 Paraguay
Cauly 27 Brazil,Germany
Vicente Taborda 22 Argentina
Francisco González Metilli 26 Argentina
Djordje Mihailović 24 United States,Serbia
Maurício 21 Brazil,Paraguay,Portugal
João Mendes 28 Portugal
Ricardo Blanco 32 Argentina
Connor Ronan 25 Republic of Ireland,England
Javier Altamirano 23 Chile
Maxime Dominguez 27 Switzerland,Spain
James McAtee 20 England
Amir Sayoud 32 Algeria
Seydouba Soumah 32 Guinea
Enzo Hoyos 23 Argentina
Domingo Blanco 28 Argentina
Diego Lopes 29 Brazil
Ryad Boudebouz 33 Algeria,France
Ozan Tufan 28 Türkiye
Ivo 36 Brazil
Barış Atik 28 Türkiye,Germany
Valentín Carboni 18 Argentina,Italy
Knowledge Musona 32 Zimbabwe
Abdulfattah Asiri 29 Saudi Arabia
Limberg Gutiérrez 25 Bolivia
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