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The Best Assistant Managers in Football Manager

As a passionate Football Manager player, I’ve always believed that the role of an Assistant Manager in this great game is not just important, but often crucial.

I’m excited to share with you a carefully created list of the best Assistant Managers in Football Manager.

But why, you might ask, is this list so significant?

Their skills, expertise and unique attributes could be the key to boost your team’s full potential and leading them to glory.


The Most Important Attributes for Assistant Managers

Based on my experience, here are some of the most important attributes to consider when choosing an Assistant in the game:

  • Judging Player Ability: This attribute is crucial for assessing the current skill level of players in your team. A high rating in this area means the Assistant Manager can provide accurate evaluations of your players’ abilities.judging player ability
  • Judging Player Potential: This attribute determines how well the Assistant Manager can identify the future potential of players. It’s particularly important for youth development and understanding which players could become key assets for your team in the future.judging player potential
  • Tactical Knowledge: An Assistant with high tactical knowledge can offer valuable advice on game strategies and opposition analysis. This attribute is essential for making informed decisions during matches and for tactical planning.tactical knowledge
  • People Management: This reflects the Assistant Manager’s ability to handle player personalities and maintain squad harmony. Good man management helps in keeping high team morale and managing player expectations.people management
  • Motivation: The ability to motivate players is key, especially when the Assistant is responsible for team talks or stepping in during your absence. A motivated squad can often perform better, especially in crucial moments.motivation
  • Level of Discipline: This attribute affects the Assistant Manager’s ability to maintain discipline within the squad, which can impact training effectiveness and overall team conduct.level of discipline
  • Determination: Determination is a very important atribute, and A determined Assistant Manager is more likely to improve their skills over time and can positively influence the determination of your players.determination
  • Adaptability: This is particularly important if you’re managing in a foreign country or if your assistant is from a different country. Adaptability affects how quickly they can adjust to a new environment.adaptability
  • Working with Youngsters: If youth development is a key part of your strategy, an assistant who is skilled in working with young players can be a valuable asset.working with youngsters

Remember, the ideal attributes for an Assistant Manager can vary depending on your management style and the needs of your club.

For instance, if you prefer to handle tactics yourself, you might prioritize attributes like Judging Player Ability and Potential over Tactical Knowledge.

Similarly, if you delegate training, Man Management and Motivation might be more important for your Assistant.

Based on my usage of Ass. Man. the most important attribute is Motivation.


Because I use my Assistant mostly for team talks and picking players for matches.

After motivation I also prefer high rating for Judging Player Potential and Judging Player Ability.

With that being said here are the attributes and values which I used to filter the best Assistant Managers in FM.

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Attribute Value (min.)
Judging Player Ability 12
Judging Player Potential 12
Tactical Knowledge 10
People Management 10
Motivating 14
Level of Discipline 10
Determination 10
Adaptability 10
Working with Youngsters 10


The List of Best Assistant Managers

Bear in mind that, based on their reputation, past jobs, and experience, as well as the reputation of your club, some of them will gladly join your club as your Assistant, but others may not.

Name Age Nation
Adélio Cândido 26 Angola
Davide Ancelotti 33 Italy
João Sacramento 34 Portugal
Ramon Leeuwin 35 Surinam
Matthias Jaissle 35 Germany
Jimmy Smith 36 England
César Arzo 37 Spain
Andrew Sparkes 38 Wales
Stijn Schaars 39 Netherlands
Carles Martinez Novell 39 Spain
Moritz Volz 40 Germany
Víctor Sánchez 41 Spain
Bruno Lazaroni 42 Brazil
João Paulo Sanches 42 Brazil
Martín Abaurre 43 Argentina
Maurício Corrêa Dulac 43 Brazil
Iñaki Bea 44 Spain
Luís Nascimento 44 Portugal
Walter Flores 44 Bolivia
Daniël Voigt 45 Netherlands
Luigi Riccio 45 Italy
Márcio Hahn 45 Brazil
Jason Tindall 45 England
Quinton Fortune 46 South Africa
Pity Altamirano 46 Mexico
Javier Pérez 46 Spain
Chema Monzón 46 Spain
Pablo Villa 47 Spain
Romeu Almeida 48 Portugal
Robert Kovač 49 Croatia
Markus Schopp 49 Austria
Jesse Marsch 49 United States
Maximiliano Cuberas 49 Argentina
Matías Biscay 49 Argentina
Pablo Sanz 49 Spain
Andrey Lopes 49 Brazil
Giovanni Martusciello 51 Italy
David Bettoni 51 France
Marco Sandy 51 Bolivia
Massimiliano Farris 52 Italy
Luís Miguel 52 Portugal
Paco Ruiz 52 Spain
Hiroshi Miyazawa 52 Japan
Patrick Guillou 53 France
Steffen Freund 53 Germany
Igor Benedejčič 53 Slovenia
André Figueiredo 53 Brazil
Oleh Luzhnyi 54 Ukraina
Gustavo Lema 54 Argentina
Erdinç Sözer 54 Turkiye
André Dias 54 Brazil
Jaume Torras 54 Spain
Carlos Bernegger 54 Argentina
Ian Woan 55 England
Norbert Düwel 55 Germany
Xaver Zembrod 56 Germany
Darius Scholtysik 56 Germany
Eric Garcin 57 France
Carlo Cornacchia 58 Italy
Giuseppe Carillo 58 Italy
Luís Fernando Flores 59 Brazil
Giacomo Murelli 59 Italy
Alberto Illanes 59 Bolivia
Paul Bracewell 60 England
Jon Aspiazu 60 Spain
David Byrne 62 England
Rui Casaca 63 Portugal
Glynn Snodin 63 England
Armin Reutershahn 63 Germany
Raúl Riancho 63 Spain
Marco Domenichini 64 Italy
Ilídio Vale 65 Portugal
Yuriy Koval 65 Ukraina
Guy Stéphan 66 France
Ray Lewington 66 England
Carlos Queiroz 70 Portugal
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