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Players in Football Manager With the Highest Determination Attribute

Determination is, in my opinion, one of the key characteristics of a good football player.


Because it is the most important mental attribute during a match!

A highly determined player is one who has a strong desire to win, constantly strives to outperform the opponent, and is committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve success.

Even if they don’t succeed initially, they won’t give up; they’ll just keep trying.

This quality is especially important when managing a weaker team that tends to lose frequently. Such players won’t give up when they’re losing; instead, they’ll do their best to score and win.

Moreover, these players often become team leaders, inspiring others to give their best on the pitch. For my team, I always prioritize selecting players with a high determination attribute.


Determination attribute in FM

For me, it is the most important mental attribute in the game!

determination diagram

It is equally important for any role and you will have a much easier time to motivate players through team talk.

Plus, determined players are great tutors and they tend to reach their potential faster by giving the max on every training.

You won’t see them bragging about too much training intensity!

And on the top of that, these players are highly consistent performers, especially in the most important matches.

The fact is, when you look at the winning teams player profile, no matter is it a domestic league title, champions league or world cup, you can see a lot of highly determined players.


The Crucial Role of Determination in Football Success

  • Resilience in Adversity: Football matches often have moments of high pressure and adversity. Determined players are more likely to remain focused and effective during challenging situations, such as when the team is trailing or facing a stronger opponent.
  • Consistent Performance: Determination drives players to consistently perform at their best, regardless of the circumstances. This consistency is key in maintaining a high level of play throughout the season.
  • Improvement and Development: Determined players are typically more committed to training and personal development. They are likely to put in extra effort to improve their skills, which is crucial for long-term success in football.
  • Leadership and Influence: Players with high determination often emerge as leaders, both on and off the pitch. Their attitude and work ethic can inspire and motivate teammates, fostering a positive and competitive team environment.
  • Overcoming Deficits: In situations where the team is behind, determined players are crucial in spearheading a comeback. Their refusal to give up can change the momentum of a game.
  • Handling Pressure: Determined players are usually better at handling pressure, such as in penalty shootouts or crucial matches. Their mental fortitude helps them stay calm and perform under pressure.
  • Work Rate: High determination often correlates with a high work rate. Players with this attribute are more likely to go the extra mile during a game, contributing significantly in both attacking and defensive duties.
  • Impact on Younger Players: Experienced players with high determination set a positive example for younger or less experienced teammates, showing them the level of commitment and attitude required to succeed.
  • Adaptability: Determined players are often more adaptable to different tactics, roles, or challenges on the field. Their willingness to succeed makes them more open to learning and taking on new responsibilities.
  • Clutch Performance: In critical moments of a game, such as scoring a late goal or defending a lead, determined players often rise to the occasion, delivering clutch performances when it matters most.


With that being said below you will find a big list of players in Football Manager with the highest determination attribute.

BTW, what is the most important mental attribute for you?

Jude Bellingham England 19 M C
Erling Haaland Norway,England 22 ST
Lionel Messi Argentina,Spain 35 AM/ST RC
Vinícius Júnior Brazil,Spain 22 AM RL
Robert Lewandowski Poland 34 ST
Giorgio Chiellini Italy 38 D C
Rodrigo Atencio Argentina 20 M C
Joshua Kimmich Germany 28 D/DM/M RC
Sergio Ramos Spain 37 D C
Simon Kjær Denmark 34 D C
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 38 ST
Dylan Chigharoe Netherlands,Suriname 17 DM/M C
Isaac Heath England 18 AM LC
Max Robson England 20 AM RC
Otávio Portugal,Brazil 28 M/AM RLC
Olivier Giroud France 36 ST
Ciro Immobile Italy 33 ST
Taxiarchis Filon Greece 18 D C
Karim Tawfik Egypt 22 D C
Théo Eyoum France 21 D C
Liberman Torres Ecuador 21 D/DM C
Alan Saldivia Uruguay 21 D C
Donnell McNeilly England 17 ST RL
Jamall Dickens Panama 21 D C
Luis Suárez Uruguay,Italy 36 ST
Pedro Spain 35 AM RLC
Joe White England 20 M/AM RC
Bozhidar Vladimirov Bulgaria 20 ST R
Mateo Jurić-Petrašilo Croatia 18 D C
Breno Brazil 18 ST
Matías Gauto Argentina 17 D C
Álex Craninx Belgium,Spain 27 GK
Gary Medel Chile,Spain 35 D/DM/M C
Abdulrahman Al-Khatib Syria 20 M C
Francisco Bastida Argentina 19 D R
Gal Lubej Fink Slovenia 21 GK
Diego Bri Spain 20 AM/ST L
Themi Antonoglou Canada,Greece 22 D L
Ali Zakaria Syria 23 DM/M C
Issiar Dramé Mali,France 24 D C
Petar Petriško Croatia 21 M/AM C
Maximilian Großer Germany 21 DM/M C
Kamel Hmeisheh Syria 24 DM C
Samy Id Taled France 16 D C
Uroš Rašković Serbia 22 DM/M L
Rok Schaubach Slovenia 18 D C
Simão França Portugal 22 AM RL
Paul Iakob Romania 26 GK
Marcos Valor Argentina 23 D L
Benjamín Villalta Peru 22 D RC
Haitham Al-Louz Syria 22 D/WB RC
Ibou Dacosta Senegal 16 D C
Agustín Dattola Argentina 24 D C
Marius Ingebretsen Norway 17 M/AM C
Ruan Brazil 24 D C
Camilo Porte Venezuela 18 D C
Ahmed Youssef Egypt 23 D C
Guy Mbenza Congo 23 ST
Akira Mizutani Japan 19 DM/M C
Aldo Pérez Paraguay 22 GK
Zeca Greece,Portugal 34 DM/M C
Sergio Vázquez Mexico 22 D C
Pepe Reina Spain 40 GK
Gonzalo Alfaro Spain 23 D RC
Carlos Torres Argentina 19 DM
Kevin García Mexico 17 D RC
Marcos Martín Spain 20 D C
Christoffer Palm Denmark 21 M C
Jesús Bernal Spain 26 DM/M C
Leonardo Díaz Argentina 23 GK
Timo Ribeiro Portugal,Switzerland 24 D LC
Marley Felix France 20 D C
Mario Jorrín Spain 20 D/WB RC
Kevin Minda Ecuador 24 D RC
Hassan Al-Asmari Saudi Arabia 20 D/WB R
Dan Pybus England 25 DM/M C
Felipe Yáñez Chile 18 D L
Oleksandr Chernov Ukraine 20 D R
Dembo Gassama France 25 D RC
Santos Robles Mexico 24 D R
Adam Paliwoda Poland 24 D RC
Andriy Dombrovskyi Ukraine 27 DM/M C
Ivan Kozlov Russia 23 D/DM C
Noé Sow France 24 D/DM C
Giorgos Delizisis Greece 35 D C
Jonathan Jacob Nigeria 21 D C
Mohamad Al-Hallak Syria 23 AM RL
Junior Dixon England 18 ST
Jake Thomas Wales 21 D C
Carlos Rodríguez Mexico 22 D L
Sulaiman Hazazi Saudi Arabia 20 D L
Roberto Pini Italy 26 GK
Siebe Van der Heyden Belgium 25 D/DM C
Michael Hornsby Germany 24 D L
Evan Abran France 18 D/WB L
Serikzhan Müzhyqov Kazakhstan 34 M RL
Michael Kostka Germany,Poland 19 D/WB R
Taiwu Shittu Nigeria 23 D C
Hugo Díaz Spain 35 ST
Jerome Philip Nigeria 23 ST
Shota Tanaka Japan 19 GK
Dani Rojo Spain 23 D C
Yann Songo'o Cameroon,France 31 D/DM/M C
Juanje Cubero Spain 26 D LC
Mamadou Thiam Mali 21 D/WB R
Moonga Chilimba Zambia 28 D C
Derrick Bonsu Ghana 21 D C
Abubeker Nasir Ethiopia 23 AM/ST RL
Amar Muslić Bosnia and Herzegovina 22 D C
Lee Sang-Soo South Korea 24 D C
Edmilson Angola 24 DM/M C
Ángel Lazarte Argentina 24 D C
Isaac Walker United States 22 GK
Chibuike Nwaiwu Nigeria 24 DM C
Alberto Carcasona Spain 24 D C
Gergő Ominger Hungary 20 DM
Eduardo Anderson Panama 22 D RLC
Duje Ušalj Croatia 19 D R
Radja Nainggolan Belgium,Indonesia 35 DM/M/AM C
Amadou Dia N'Diaye Senegal 23 ST C
Kei Otsuka Japan 19 D C
Olivier Mendes Senegal 20 D R
Iker Berruezo Spain,Pays Basque 27 D C
Nikolaj Bay-Smidt Denmark 19 M C
Kujtim Dinoša Montenegro,Albania 23 D C
Emiliano Pitarch Argentina 24 D L
Abderrahim Hamra Algeria 25 D/DM/M C
Andrew Hernandez Gibraltar 24 DM/M/AM C
Abdoul Coulibaly Ivory Coast 18 D LC
Jarol Herrera Colombia 39 M/AM RL
Facundo Pardo Argentina 25 D C
Vinícius Brazil 17 AM R
Jun'ya Yokota Japan 23 D C
Filip Raszeja Poland 21 M/AM RLC
Anderson Paraíba Brazil 32 AM RC
Felipe Vasconcelos Brazil 22 D/WB L
Pierre Brazil 21 DM
Ian Gerez Argentina 22 D R
Federico Iribarren Argentina 23 ST
Abdulrasheed Abiodun Nigeria 23 D/WB/M R
Julio Ruiz Mexico 20 M/AM L
Gianni Vandepitte Curaçao,Netherlands 22 M/AM C
Murat Cömert Türkiye 35 D C
David Puhalić Slovenia 23 D C
Son Ho-Jun South Korea 20 D R
Yari Stevens Belgium 19 D/WB R
Yusuke Kawasaki Japan 26 D C
Fermín Iriarte Argentina 26 D/WB R
Tommaso Nori Italy 18 M/AM RL
Abdelkader Boutiche Algeria 26 DM/M RC
Albert González Venezuela 26 D C
Thabiso Sesane South Africa 23 D C
Ali Al-Sahli Kuwait 25 D C
Shadreck Malambo Zambia 31 DM/M C
Yazan Zahra Syria 21 ST C
Lautaro Yocco Sequeira Argentina 23 D RC
Olawale Mutiu Nigeria 22 D L
Ahmed Fathy Egypt 38 D/DM RC
So Kubo Japan 19 ST
Roberto Luzárraga Ecuador 32 D LC
Yuya Hosaka Japan 20 GK
Italo Isaac Brazil 19 D R
Yassen Hamza Saudi Arabia 32 D C
Lior Kasa Israel,Ethiopia 17 M/AM C
Kevin Großkreutz Germany 34 D/WB/M/AM R
Ástbjörn Þórðarson Iceland 23 D/M/AM R
Rowan Besselink Netherlands 18 D C
Taichi Higashi Japan 21 D L
Floris Smand Netherlands 20 D/DM C
Guilherme Cabo Brazil 21 GK
Nejc Doplihar Slovenia 29 AM C
Yohei Matsuoka Japan 22 D C
Matías Oviedo Argentina 22 D R
Sultan Abdykadyrov Kazakhstan 21 D/DM/M C
Younes Ouassa Algeria 23 D L
Joaquín Larrivey Argentina,Italy 38 ST
Mendonça Brazil 27 D C
Dino Kulaš Croatia 22 D C
Andy Graham Scotland 39 D C
Dário Miranda Portugal 20 D/WB RL
Shingo Takeda Japan 24 D C
Samuel Sefcik Slovakia 26 AM RC
Yoshihiro Ishihara Japan 23 D RL
Mamadou Diabaté Ivory Coast 19 D C
Tomás Hernández Argentina 21 D/M L
Andrew Tod Scotland 17 AM RLC
Rafael Tavares Brazil 37 D C
Fabian McCarthy Jamaica 32 DM/M RC
Julián Montenegro Argentina 34 AM RLC
Tabrezi Davlatmir Tajikistan 25 D LC
Konrad Korgól Poland 20 AM LC
Hamad Al-Mansour Saudi Arabia 30 D/WB RL
Takayoshi Taniguchi Japan 36 D C
Alan Salvi Argentina 28 AM RC
Keisuke Morimoto Japan 24 GK
Hamza Semmoumy Morocco 30 D/WB R
Daniel Suárez Argentina 27 D C
Osvaldo Ramírez Mexico 26 ST
Samad Kadiri Nigeria 27 AM/ST RL
Caleb Asamoah Ghana 21 D RL
Ramiro Fernández Molina Argentina 20 D R
Jorge Ruperti Ecuador 20 D C
Juan Acosta Uruguay 29 D R
Andrija Mijailović Serbia 28 D RC
Tino Karamatić Croatia 22 D C
Johan Lengoualama Gabon 30 ST
Ákos Sigér Hungary 27 M C
Houmam Baaouch Morocco 27 M C
Jahsua Mills Canada 27 D RC
Fidel Córdova Chile 34 D/DM RC
Skënder Loshi Netherlands,Albania 24 ST
Marcos Jara Argentina 32 GK
Keisuke Matsunaga Japan 27 DM
Tomislav Uskok Australia,Croatia 31 D C
Jerry Msane South Africa 25 D C
Cédric Sacras Luxembourg 26 D LC
Ayad Al-Qahtani Saudi Arabia 25 D C
Manguxi Angola 31 M/AM C
Paulão Brazil 37 D LC
Álvaro Bely Argentina 29 M C
Yoshinari Nakashima Japan 24 GK
Seiji Sato Japan 22 GK
Joan Castaño Ecuador,Spain 18 D C
Ariel Bazán Argentina 28 D/WB R
Maklibè Kouloun Togo 35 D L
Mokhtar Jomehzadeh Iran 33 ST
Luis Salazar Chile 25 D L
Damian Vu Thanh Poland,Vietnam 19 DM C
Matsi Sono South Africa 30 AM RLC
Paul Galimi Australia,Italy 29 D C
Ibrahim Matthew Nigeria 25 D RC
Tadej Zonta Slovenia 24 DM
Erick Vásquez Bolivia 31 DM/M C
Takumi Horikawa Japan,Australia 20 GK
Benedikt Lobenhofer Germany 24 D RC
Saša Domić Serbia,Croatia 25 D LC
Salikou Diarra Mali 25 D C
Damián González Hernández Argentina,Chile 34 D RC
Tsukasa Kishimoto Japan 22 M C
Julián Bembo Argentina 28 D/WB R
Amadou Diallo Guinea,France 28 AM/ST RL
Irvin Valdéz El Salvador 32 ST
Jun Moriyama Japan 25 AM R
Masaki Miyazaki Japan 24 DM/M C
Rafał Olszewski Poland 19 GK
Ragnar Samuelsen Faroe Islands,Denmark 23 D L
Tomoya Yoshida Japan 23 M C
Klaudiusz Sypeń Poland 19 D RL
Tomislav Valentić Croatia 29 D/WB LC
Kakuita Angola 24 AM RL
Antonino Barillà Italy 35 DM/M C
Mustafa Ghommaid Syria 22 AM/ST R
Javier Hernández Chile 27 DM/M C
Bader Manshi Saudi Arabia 23 DM/M C
Halil Muharemović Montenegro,Bosnia and Herzegovina 25 AM/ST L
Néstor Jucup Guatemala 34 DM/M RLC
Tsubasa Suzuki Japan 24 M/AM RL
Carlos Humberto López Mexico 27 D LC
Taiki Hayama Japan 38 M/AM C
Issoumaïla Issiaka Mali 31 D C
Riste Karakamisev North Macedonia 28 D C
Juan Martín Chiarantano Argentina 22 D R
Jamilton Moreno Colombia 26 D C
Kodai Ito Japan 23 ST
Dmitry Merenchukov Russia 24 ST L
Alberto Carbonell Spain 30 D RC
Dener Brazil 21 D/WB L
Sebastián Allende Argentina 32 D/WB RL
Magnus Tvedte Norway 28 D C
Olaolu Adebayo Nigeria 31 ST
Mehdi Tikdari Iran 27 D/WB R
Jukka Halme Finland 38 D/DM/M C
Mohamed Barakat Morocco 35 D/DM C
Phumlani Gumede South Africa 29 D C
Luka Spudić Croatia 27 GK
Jure Gale Croatia 33 DM RC
Aaron Dhondt Belgium 27 ST
Shun Ito Japan 35 AM/ST RLC
Yuki Kinoshita Japan,Iraq 29 M/AM/ST C
Florian Goma Martinique,France 22 D C
McKauly Tulloch Jamaica 32 AM/ST C
Masahiro Higuchi Japan 26 DM/M LC
Márk Murai Hungary 26 AM/ST C
Iván Rubio Spain 32 DM/M RC
Itumeleng Khune South Africa 35 GK
Yohei Kobayashi Japan 23 GK
Mahmoud El Zonfouly Egypt 31 GK
Alidor Kayembe Democratic Republic of Congo 25 AM/ST RC
Matías Carvajal Chile 27 D/DM C
Tomás Escobar Ecuador 33 D/WB R
Tino Schmidt Germany 29 M/AM RLC
Janílson Madona Brazil 37 D/WB L
Eko Barine Nigeria 26 AM/ST C
Truls Jørstad Norway 36 DM/M C
Mario Ponce Spain 34 D C
Arnar Freyr Ólafsson Iceland 30 GK
Cory Chettleburgh New Zealand,England 31 M C
Hirokazu Sawada Japan 28 D RL
Ali Amadou Mali 34 AM C
Pierre-François Moracchini France 29 ST
Rafael Olioza Brazil 32 D C
Yuji Ura Japan 26 ST R
Szilárd Devecseri Hungary 33 D LC
Shaqkeem Joseph Trinidad and Tobago 23 M/AM RL
Jack Metcalf England 31 D R
Malick Seck Senegal,France 33 ST
Felix Adjei Ghana 32 D/WB/M L
José Gracias Guatemala 31 D RC
Vladimír Valíček Czechia 35 D RL
Boris Tonzi France,Cameroon 26 D C
Goran Jozinović Croatia,Bosnia and Herzegovina 32 D/WB L
Alexandru Corban Romania 25 M/AM R
Yanis Mecheri France,Algeria 30 ST
Yanel Temmar France,Algeria 29 M/AM RL
François-Xavier Runtz France 28 D C
Brad McDonald Papua New Guinea,Australia 33 D/WB L
Akira Sugiyama Japan 26 D RLC
Josetxo Cariñanos Spain,Pays Basque 28 D C
Augusto Puerto Uruguay 26 D LC
Tetsuo Kobayashi Japan 25 GK
Akira Yoshimura Japan 27 GK
Jun'ya Yoshida Japan 32 DM/M/AM RC
Franco Cáceres Argentina 25 D R
Anton Tereshchenko Belarus 27 DM/M C
Aleksandar Ristevski North Macedonia 31 D RC
Dai Nagaoka Japan 25 D/AM LC
Jairo Martínez Chile 23 M C
Marko Malešević Serbia 30 D/WB L
Francisco Jesús Torres Mexico 26 D C
Sim Hyon-Jin North Korea 32 D/WB RLC
Barzan Ahmed Iraq 20 D R
Yao Junsheng China PR 27 DM/M/AM C
Daisuke Iwasaki Japan 25 D RC
Matthias Haas Germany 33 D LC
Leotrim Bekteshi Kosovo 31 D C
Rajko Đorđević Montenegro 28 D R
Shunichi Kanda Japan 26 DM/M C
Junki Kawai Japan 24 M/AM RL
Yuki Shimazaki Japan 35 D C
Arnau Mirambel Panama,Spain 25 D/WB RC
Khalid Abdalla Al-Riyamai United Arab Emirates 38 D C
Akira Miyazaki Japan 25 D RLC
Udochukwu Anumudu Nigeria 24 D L
Saber El Shimi Egypt 30 D RC
Takanobu Ono Japan 23 D RC
Gladson Awako Ghana 32 M/AM LC
Eduard Granadino Venezuela 33 D LC
Ola Jørstad Norway 38 D RL
Chen Wei China PR 30 DM/M RC
Savian Maxwell Jamaica 28 M C
Lennart Hein Germany 28 D LC
Aaron Peñafiel Ecuador 27 D/WB R
Shinji Koizumi Japan 21 DM/AM C
Brendan Reilly Australia 35 D C
Yoshikatsu Kotani Japan 22 ST
Emir Ljubijankić Slovenia 31 AM R
Takeshi Nakano Japan 22 D/M/AM R
Maciej Serbintowicz Poland 21 D/WB/M RLC
Junya Soma Japan 23 ST
Luyolo Mapolisa South Africa 40 D R
José Antonio Mahíllo Spain 33 D C
Kazuki Ozaki Japan 26 M/AM RLC
Isao Abe Japan 26 DM/M C
Richard Webber South Africa 33 D C
Takatoshi Ueda Japan 26 ST
Sirous Sadeghian Iran 31 D C
Sergio Campbell Jamaica 31 D/DM/M C
Teppei Kadowaki Japan 31 D C
Yevhen Bokhashvili Ukraine 30 ST
Brad Bartels Australia 31 D RC
Miroslav Pipiska Slovakia 32 D C
Rodrigo Valdovinos Argentina 30 D C
Joel Allwright Australia 35 D/M RLC
Keisuke Hasegawa Japan 27 D RL
Anicet Muhire Rwanda 30 D C
Svetoslav Chitakov Bulgaria 31 AM LC
Tetsuya Fukazawa Japan 29 D/WB/DM LC
Sohei Karasawa Japan 30 ST
Alin Pătraşcu Romania 33 WB/M L
Takamasa Kanno Japan 30 DM/M C
Hiroki Tani Japan 31 D/WB R
Christian Ramírez Mexico 30 D C
John Ovenstone Scotland 40 D LC
Yasuhito Yano Japan 24 D/WB L
Egzon Sinani Kosovo 29 D/DM C
Rami Khrayef Tunisia 32 D C
Gábor Sándor Puskás Hungary 31 D R
Clément Perraguin France 29 D R
Antonio Samuel Spain 29 D L
Shinsuke Igarashi Japan 28 DM/M RC
Soichiro Hamada Japan 33 M C
Kim Yu-Il North Korea 29 D C
Kenta Kishi Japan 37 GK
Deviko Khinchagov Russia 35 D RL
Wiesław Ferra Poland 43 GK
Tadashi Kobayashi Japan 39 M C
Norbert Millogo Burkina Faso 34 D C
Harry Quigley Australia 23 D RLC
Dimitri Schrayen Belgium 44 D LC
Shunki Miyamoto Japan 26 D/WB/M R
Tó Miguel Portugal 44 DM/M C
Sho Sumida Japan 34 D C
Antonio Arreguín Mexico 30 D RL
Kilian Valderrama France 28 D/WB L
Naoki Kawashima Japan 30 AM RLC
Leo Villa Argentina,Italy 38 DM/M/AM RLC
Ceyhun Dinler Germany,Türkiye 28 D LC
Christian Arnesen Norway 34 D RC
Artur Kopytin Russia 30 D RC
Shu Taguchi Japan 27 D C
Junya Hasegawa Japan 29 GK
Felipe Cruz Brazil 25 D/WB L
Akihiko Sasaki Japan 25 D C
Akira Kimura Japan 27 D C
Moussa Salim Palestine,Israel 28 D RC
Asahi Takahashi Japan 26 AM R
Marvin Grumann Germany 29 AM C
Hironobu Kawamura Japan 28 M/AM R
Cyril Rosy Belgium 27 DM C
Werreowaji Cliff-Njah Nigeria 24 D R
Pedrinho Brazil 22 D/WB R
Mamoru Furukawa Japan 24 M/AM LC
Taiga Masuda Japan 28 AM RLC
Isa Lumu Uganda 28 D RC
Scott Robertson Scotland 35 D RC
Alan Griffin England 40 ST
Rick Peo Andersen Norway 32 D/WB RL
Ahn Tae-Eun South Korea 37 D R
Benoît Bourdette France 31 D R
Akeem Thenstead Jamaica 37 DM/M C
Corey Francis Wales 27 D/DM/M RC
Yasser Al-Musawi Iraq 25 DM/M C
Estian Tiki Rastoder Norway 38 ST
Hayato Fujita Japan 32 AM C
Yann Gnassa Gabon 30 D RC
Daisuke Sugaya Japan 27 M/AM LC
Takao Kashiwagi Japan 28 D C
Ayumu Mori Japan 26 D R
Hiromasa Suzuki Japan 29 D C
Fernando Ramírez Argentina 27 D R
Keisuke Hirano Japan 27 M L
DeShaun Woolery Jamaica 40 DM/M C
Haruto Morita Japan,Hong Kong (China PR) 20 M RL
Hideyuki Oikawa Japan 34 DM/M C
Yudai Hase Japan 27 AM RLC
Yuta Ohara Japan 28 D C
Daigo Tomita Japan 32 DM C
Masateru Uchino Japan 31 D C
Simon Nielsen Denmark 36 D/DM/M/AM RC
Tefo Mokoena South Africa 31 D L
Saif Hussain Saudi Arabia 30 D C
Jamil Joseph Saint Lucia 32 D C
Kyle May England 40 D C
Kosei Sugiyama Japan 25 GK
Adil Khan India 34 D/DM RC
Frank Sokoy Indonesia 25 D L
Neil Davies Wales 51 D RC
Kim Kwang-Song North Korea 29 D R
Kazuki Inukai Japan 24 M/AM C
Tomohiro Matsumura Japan 31 M C
Shinji Uchiyama Japan 24 AM L
Masato Fujiwara Japan 28 AM/ST L
Takeshi Sakai Japan 0 GK
Liam Harding Australia,Republic of Ireland 31 DM/M C
Anthony Farina Italy 38 ST
Mika Gröhn Finland 40 D/M/AM L
Henrik Farstad Norway 33 M/AM C
Haruto Nishino Japan 33 D/DM/M LC
Raffaele Capone Italy 38 D C
Asraf Abdul Rashid Singapore 37 M/AM L
Daniele De Vezze Italy 43 DM/M C
Peter Gregory England 30 M LC
Yasuyuki Akiyama Japan 25 D/WB/M L
Sho Okazaki Japan 27 D C
Takuma Takeuchi Japan 26 ST
Andreas Christoffersen Norway 21 AM/ST RL
Andrew Hughes Wales 46 M C
Trond Blekken Norway 40 DM/M C
Tsubasa Takada Japan 22 ST
Ricky Evans Wales 46 M C
Gavin Knight England,Scotland,Australia 42 ST
Sheikh Rizwan India 31 M C
Steffen Slettebø Norway 31 GK/M C
Kazuma Yamaguchi Japan 32 AM RL
Yosuke Hirakawa Japan 38 D C
Øyvind Elstad Bekken Norway 33 M C
Kevin Bartley Wales 47 ST
Elgan Hughes Wales 38 ST
Tetsuya Konishi Japan 30 M/AM C
Dorin Semeghin Romania 44 D L
Masaki Matsui Japan 33 M/AM LC
Yusuke Hirano Japan 35 D/WB/M RL
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