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The Best Head of Youth Development in Football Manager

One of the most pivotal roles that could define your team’s destiny – the Head of Youth Development (HoYD).

Imagine a role so influential that it not only sculpts the raw talent of youthful prospects but also imprints a lasting legacy on your club’s future.

The HoYD is a crucial staff role in the game, responsible for several key aspects of youth development at a football club.

In my opinion, these are the three best HOYDs in FM 2024.


abian perdomo

  • ✅ 17 Judging Player Ability
  • ✅ 19 Judging Player Potential
  • ✅ 19 Working With Youngsters
  • ✅ High determination

The Best


roberto samaden

  • ✅ 19 Judging Player Ability
  • ✅ 20 Judging Player Potential
  • ✅ 20 Working With Youngsters
  • ✅ High reputation


maurizio constanzi

  • ✅ 18 Judging Player Ability
  • ✅ 20 Judging Player Potential
  • ✅ 17 Working With Youngsters
  • ✅ Unemployed

Below, you can find a big list of other top choices.


What Should I Look for In Head of Youth Development: Primary Responsibilities

Here are some of the primary responsibilities and factors associated with the HoYD role:

  • Youth Player Recruitment: The HoYD plays a significant role in bringing new youth players (newgens) into the club. They influence the type of players recruited in terms of position, playing style, and potential.
  • Influencing Player Personalities: The personality of the HoYD can impact the personalities of the youth players. A HoYD with a positive personality (like Model Professional or Determined) can positively influence the development and attitude of young players.
  • Tactical and Training Preferences: The HoYD’s preferred tactics and training style can influence the types of players that come through the youth system. For example, a HoYD who favors a technical style may focus on recruiting and developing technically skilled players.
  • Judging Player Ability and Potential: These attributes determine how accurately the HoYD can assess the current ability and future potential of youth players. This is important for identifying which youth players have the potential to succeed at the club.
  • Working with Youngsters: This attribute reflects the HoYD’s ability to effectively work with and develop young talent.
  • Long-term Impact: Changes made to the HoYD can take several years to manifest in the quality of youth intakes. The HoYD’s influence is a long-term investment in the club’s future.
  • Integration with Club Philosophy: Aligning the HoYD’s preferences with the club’s overall playing philosophy and tactical approach can lead to more seamless integration of youth players into the first team.
  • Development and Training: Besides recruitment, the HoYD also contributes to the development and training of young players, often working closely with youth coaches.


What Makes for a Good Head of Youth Development: Crucial Attributes

head of youth development

In Football Manager, the effectiveness of a Head of Youth Development (HoYD) largely depends on a combination of their attributes and personal characteristics.

Based on my experience the most important attributes for a HoYD are:

  • Judging Player Potential: This attribute determines how well the HoYD can identify the future potential of young players. A higher rating means they are more likely to spot players who could become stars.
  • Judging Player Ability: This reflects the HoYD’s ability to assess the current skill level of young players. It’s crucial for understanding how close a youth player is to being ready for first-team action.
  • Working with Youngsters: This attribute indicates the HoYD’s skill in training and developing young players. A higher rating suggests they are more effective at improving the abilities of younger players.
  • Personality: The personality of the HoYD can influence the personalities of the youth players coming through the academy. Personalities like Model Professional, Determined, or Resolute are beneficial as they can positively impact the development of young players.
  • Determination: This attribute can influence the HoYD’s ability to improve and develop young players, as well as their overall effectiveness in their role.
  • Adaptability: While not as crucial as the other attributes, adaptability can be beneficial, especially if the club is bringing in young players from different countries or cultures.
  • Tactical Knowledge: This can be important if the club wants the youth teams to play in a similar style to the first team, ensuring a smoother transition for young players moving up.

How did we create a list of the best HoYD? We chose to include these attributes:

Judging Player Potential 15+
Judging Player Ability 15+
Working with Youngsters 10+
Determination 9+
Adaptability 9+
Tactical Knowledge 9+


List of the Best Heads of Youth Development in FM

Filippo Galli 60 Unemployed
Manuel Pirès 52 OGC Nice
Nuno Gomes 46 Unemployed
Stéphane Roche 52 Dijon FCO
Michael Tarnat 53 Unemployed
Paulo Noga 52 Sporting Clube de Portugal
Denis Arnaud 50 Stade Rennais FC
Angelo Carbone 55 Unemployed
Massimiliano Cappellini 52 Empoli Football Club
Giovanni Invernizzi 59 U.C. Sampdoria
Bryan Klug 62 Ipswich Town
Huw Jennings 63 Fulham
Jaroslav Hřebík 74 Unemployed
Matt Hale 48 Derby County
Álvaro Solís 41 Club Deportivo La Equidad Seguros S.A.
Edd Vahid 42 Unemployed
Steve Weaver 51 Norwich City
Boris Rotenberg 37 Lokomotiv Moscow
Hans Westerhof 74 Unemployed
Maurizio Costanzi 65 Unemployed
Gianluca Grava 46 Parthenope
Fernando Kuyumchoglu 54 Unemployed
Massimiliano Scaglia 46 Juventus
Edorta Murúa 60 ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence
José Ramón Alexanko 67 Barcelona
Bruno Conti 68 Associazione Sportiva Roma
Bertrand Reuzeau 57 Montpellier Hérault SC
Jean-Michel Vandamme 63 LOSC Lille
Lucas Nardi 42 Unemployed
José Pekerman 73 Unemployed
Carlos Ranalli 48 Unemployed
Adrián Domenech 64 Club Social y Deportivo Defensa y Justicia
Alfredo Merino 54 Mirandés
Darren Wassall 54 Unemployed
Kristjaan Speakman 44 Sunderland
Leonardo Squadrone 51 Unemployed
Patrick Battiston 66 FC Girondins de Bordeaux
Sylvain Matrisciano 59 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard
Giancarlo Finardi 68 Atalanta
Vlada Stošić 58 Unemployed
Patrick Kluivert 46 Adana Demirspor A.Ş.
Neil Bath 54 Chelsea
Andrés Pardo 45 R. Madrid
Abián Perdomo 42 R. Madrid
Ciaran Donnelly 39 Blackpool
Jim Fraser 46 Chelsea
Jon Rudkin 59 Leicester City
Alistair Stevenson 56 St Johnstone
David Longwell 48 Burnley
Juan Carlos Conde 64 Club Atlético Boca Juniors Cali
Ángel Alcalde 44 Atlético Pamplona
Robert Tomsche 53 Wattener Sportgemeinschaft Tirol
Vanja Radinović 50 FK Partizan Beograd
Michele Sbravati 57 Genoa CFC
Daniele Bernazzani 60 FC Internazionale Milano
Sergio Pachón 46 Getafe
Eloy Pérez 58 Espanyol
José Manuel Sevillano 44 Alavés
Pablo Blanco 71 Sevilla
Jean Kindermans 58 RSC Anderlecht
Edgar Cardoso 40 Kitchee Sports Club
Sebastián Pait 47 Club Atlético River Plate
Hernán Llano 50 Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys
Ariel Paolorossi 59 Colo Colo
Wilhelm Schuldes 55 Sportklub Rapid
Saïd Ouaali 53 Unemployed
Álvaro Augusto 55 FOR
Klauss Lopes Câmara 43 Santa Clara Açores Futebol
Rodrigo Dias 36 Unemployed
Roberto Samaden 57 Atalanta
Luís Pinho 47 Futebol Clube do Porto
Pedro Mil Homens 71 Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Mauro Bianchessi 59 Brianza
Romeo Jozak 50 Saudi Scholarship for Developing Football Talent
Massimo Tarantino 52 FC Internazionale Milano
Jean-François Pien 56 Unemployed
Luís Martins 59 Unemployed
Mihai Georgescu 78 Unemployed
Marius Dulca 43 Dinamo 1948 SA
Thomas Krücken 45 Manchester City
Andy Goldie 38 Southampton
Evgeny Ptashkin 36 Spartak Moscow
Pep Segura 66 Unemployed
Pep Boada 61 Unemployed
Rodolfo Borrell 52 Austin FC
Álex García 53 Las Palmas
Pablo Forte 58 Unemployed
Alberto Giráldez 63 Unemployed
Cata 51 Atlético Pamplona
Dirk Mack 54 Unemployed
Albert Gil 47 Coruña
Luki Iriarte 54 Real San Sebastián
David Fernández 37 Barcelona
Luis Martínez 36 Valencia
Manu Fernández 46 R. Madrid
Alejando Saggese 49 Club Estudiantes de La Plata
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How To Pick the Right Head of Youth Development: Additional Considerations

When choosing the best Head of Youth Development (HoYD) in Football Manager, several additional considerations are important:

  • Long-Term Strategy: The HoYD’s impact is often seen in the long term. It’s important to consider how they fit into your club’s future plans, not just immediate needs.
  • Compatibility with Club’s Tactical Style: The HoYD should ideally have a tactical style and preferred formation that aligns with the club’s current or desired playing style. This ensures a smoother transition for youth players moving up to the senior team.
  • Youth Development Network: The HoYD’s connections and knowledge of various youth networks, both domestic and international, can significantly enhance the quality and diversity of youth intakes.
  • Personality Influence on Youth Players: The personality of the HoYD can impact the development and attitude of youth players. Positive personalities can foster a better learning environment and influence the character of newgens.
  • Staff Dynamics: The ability of the HoYD to work effectively with other staff members, particularly those in coaching and scouting roles, is crucial for a harmonious and productive youth development setup.
  • Financial Considerations: Balancing the cost of hiring a high-quality HoYD with the club’s budget constraints is important. An expensive HoYD might not always be feasible, and sometimes a less costly option with potential for growth could be more strategic.
  • Experience and Track Record: The HoYD’s past experience and success in developing young talent can be a good indicator of their potential effectiveness at your club.
  • Mentoring and Development Skills: Beyond just scouting and recruitment, the HoYD should have strong skills in mentoring and developing young players, contributing to their growth both on and off the pitch.
  • Adaptability to Change: The HoYD should be adaptable to changes within the club, such as shifts in management, playing style, or club objectives.
  • Impact on Training Programs: The HoYD’s influence on the training and development programs for young players is significant. They should be able to contribute positively to the overall development strategy of the youth academy.

In summary, the ideal HoYD in Football Manager is not just about having high ratings in key attributes.

It’s also about how well they fit into the club’s broader strategy, philosophy, and operational context, their ability to work within the club’s financial constraints, and their potential to positively influence the club’s future.

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