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The Best Goalkeepers in the Football Manager

In the dynamic world of football, where every second counts and every move can turn the tide, the role of a goalkeeper stands as a beacon of resilience and skill.

But what truly makes a goalkeeper exceptional?

It’s not just about the heroic saves or the moments of glory under the floodlights. It’s about the intricate tapestry of skills woven together to create a guardian of the goalpost.


How do we choose the best goalkeepers?

We used seven most important attributes for the elite goalkeepers.

  • Aerial Reach
  • Command of Area
  • Handling
  • One on Ones
  • Reflexes
  • Rushing Out
  • Tendency to Punch
Attribute Value
Aerial Reach 10+
Command of Area 10+
Handling 13+
One on Ones 14+
Reflexes 14+
Rushing Out 10+
Tendency to Punch 10+


The core skills that define a goalkeeper’s proficiency and impact on the game

  • Aerial Reach: This attribute is crucial for goalkeepers, especially in dealing with crosses, corners, and high balls. A study by Top Goalkeeping highlights the importance of a goalkeeper’s physical attributes, including height and jumping ability, which directly influence their aerial reach.
  • Command of Area: According to Soccer Interaction, a goalkeeper’s ability to command their area is vital for organizing the defense and confidently claiming crosses. This attribute contributes to the overall defensive stability of the team, especially during set pieces.
  • Handling: Effective handling is essential for goalkeepers to securely hold onto the ball when making saves or coming for loose balls. As per Spottis, a goalkeeper’s handling skills are a key factor in preventing rebounds and ensuring possession retention after a save.
  • One on Ones: This attribute is critical in situations where the goalkeeper faces an attacker in a one-on-one scenario. The Footy Tipster emphasizes the importance of decision-making and reflexes in these situations, as goalkeepers need to quickly assess the best course of action.
  • Reflexes: Reflexes are fundamental for a goalkeeper’s ability to react to unpredictable events. As highlighted by Just4Keepers, outstanding goalkeepers possess quick reflexes that enable them to make rapid and effective saves.
  • Rushing Out: The ability to rush out and intercept through balls is linked to a goalkeeper’s acceleration and pace. Jobs In Football discusses how this attribute is crucial for goalkeepers in modern football, where quick off-the-line actions can thwart opposing attacks.
  • Tendency to Punch: A goalkeeper’s decision to punch or catch the ball is influenced by this attribute. According to FutbolLab, a higher tendency to punch can be advantageous in crowded penalty areas or when dealing with high-velocity crosses.

These attributes collectively define a goalkeeper’s effectiveness and style of play.

Each attribute plays a specific role in different match situations, contributing to the goalkeeper’s overall performance and the team’s defensive strategy.


List of the Best Goalkeepers in the World

Here is the list of goalkeepers with values of 10+ for Aerial Reach, Command of Area, Rushing Out, and Tendency to Punch, 13+ for Handling, and 14+ for One on Ones and Reflexes.

Name Age Nationality
Marco Carnesecchi 22 Italy
Illan Meslier 23 France
Gianluigi Donnarumma 24 Italy
Stefano Turati 21 Italy
Elia Caprile 21 Italy
Alisson 30 Brazil
Alex Meret 26 Italy
Filip Stanković 21 Serbia,Italy
Nick Pope 31 England
Yehvann Diouf 23 France
Marc-André ter Stegen 31 Germany
Aaron Ramsdale 25 England
Altay Bayındır 25 Türkiye
Ştefan Târnovanu 23 Romania
Caoimhin Kelleher 24 Republic of Ireland
Dean Henderson 26 England
Weverton 35 Brazil
Marek Rodák 26 Slovakia
João Paulo 27 Brazil
Dominik Greif 26 Slovakia
Jordan Pickford 29 England
Ivo Grbić 27 Croatia
Kepa Arrizabalaga 28 Spain,Pays Basque
Bernd Leno 31 Germany
Alessio Cragno 28 Italy
Predrag Rajković 27 Serbia
Lorenzo Montipò 27 Italy
Thomas Strakosha 28 Albania,Greece
Ivan 25 Brazil
Kevin Trapp 32 Germany
Pierluigi Gollini 28 Italy
Łukasz Fabiański 38 Poland
Juan Musso 29 Argentina,Italy
Neto 33 Brazil,Italy
Carlos Lampe 36 Bolivia,Argentina
Ivan Provedel 29 Italy
Timothy Fayulu 23 Democratic Republic of Congo,Switzerland
David Raya 27 Spain
José Sá 30 Portugal
Esteban Andrada 32 Argentina
Marcelo Grohe 36 Brazil,Germany
Santiago Mele 25 Uruguay,Italy
Gerónimo Rulli 31 Argentina,Italy
Sam Johnstone 30 England
Pietro Terracciano 33 Italy
Dani Cárdenas 26 Spain
Đorđe Nikolić 26 Serbia
Marvin Schwäbe 28 Germany
Antonio Adán 36 Spain
Benjamin Lecomte 32 France
Alphonse Areola 30 France,Philippines
Jeremías Ledesma 30 Argentina,Italy
Péter Gulácsi 33 Hungary
Keiller 26 Brazil
Cássio 36 Brazil
Tim Krul 35 Netherlands
Alexander Schlager 27 Austria
Hugo Lloris 36 France
Martin Dúbravka 34 Slovakia
Philipp Köhn 25 Switzerland,Germany
Milan Borjan 35 Canada,Serbia
Timo Horn 30 Germany
Fernando Pacheco 31 Spain
Marco Sportiello 31 Italy
Gatito Fernández 35 Paraguay,Spain
Javier Burrai 32 Argentina,Ecuador
Simon Mignolet 35 Belgium
Marcel Schuhen 30 Germany
Ron-Robert Zieler 34 Germany
Benji Siegrist 31 Switzerland
Steve Mandanda 38 France,Democratic Republic of Congo
Dante Stipica 32 Croatia
Timon Wellenreuther 27 Germany
Sven Ulreich 34 Germany
Fernando Miguel 38 Brazil,Germany
Vladimir Stojković 39 Serbia
Sergio Herrera 30 Spain,Pays Basque
Kasper Schmeichel 36 Denmark,England,Poland
Marco Hiller 26 Germany
Andrea Consigli 36 Italy
Remko Pasveer 39 Netherlands
Daniel 29 Brazil
Dimitry Bertaud 25 Democratic Republic of Congo,France
Patrik Carlgren 31 Sweden
Martín Campaña 34 Uruguay
David Ospina 34 Colombia,France
Christian Mathenia 31 Germany
Gabriel Arias 35 Chile,Argentina
Santos 33 Brazil
Sergio Romero 36 Argentina,Italy
Ciprian Tătăruşanu 37 Romania
Etrit Berisha 34 Albania,Sweden,Kosovo
Darren Randolph 36 Republic of Ireland,United States
Jacob Rinne 29 Sweden
Ertaç Özbir 33 Türkiye
Giorgi Loria 37 Georgia
Alireza Beiranvand 30 Iran
Munir Mohand 34 Morocco,Spain
André Hansen 33 Norway
Júlio César 36 Brazil
Tobias Sippel 35 Germany
Raffaele Di Gennaro 29 Italy
Joel Robles 33 Spain
Alessandro Micai 29 Italy
Jean 27 Brazil
Wilson 39 Brazil
Ioakeim Toubas 24 Cyprus
Jeroen Zoet 32 Netherlands
Abdullah Al-Mayouf 36 Saudi Arabia
Sosha Makani 36 Iran
Alex Muralha 33 Brazil
James Shea 32 England
Zlatan Alomerović 32 Serbia,Germany
Tim Boss 29 Germany
Cătălin Căbuz 27 Romania
Tim Melia 37 United States
Enrico Alfonso 35 Italy
Enrico Guarna 37 Italy
Silviu Lung 34 Romania
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