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The Best Aerial Ability Goalkeepers in Football Manager

I always like to have fast defenders in my squad!


So my team can defend higher up on the pitch and put some extra pressure on opponents by marking them tightly and lowering the playing space.

More often then not, one of the cons for having fast defenders is jumping reach.

It means that my team will be more vulnerable to crosses. This can be especially dangerous from free kicks, corners, and even long throw-ins.

And this is where a goalkeeper with great aerial ability can make a huge difference!


Aerial Ability in FM

The higher an aerial ability is, the higher goalkeeper can reach when jumping for the ball.

Because of that he can intercept and catch the ball, or punch and clear a lot of those dangerous crosses.

If you are a weaker team or play on the counter you definitely need a good aerial ability keeper!

And these are the major reasons why I always check “Aerial reach” attribute when I choose my keeper.

aerial reach gk

As this attribute is complement by “Command of area” you need to make sure your keeper has good both of these attributes.

command of area gk

The “Tendency to punch” attribute is also closely related but in the way whenever the keeper will decide to punch or try catching the ball.

tendency to punch gk

Definitely, the more important attribute would be “Rushing out“.


You don’t want for great “Aerial reach” keeper to stay on the line!

rushing out gk

To conclude, the good aerial ability goalkeeper needs to have good attributes for;

  • Aerial reach
  • Rushing out
  • Command of area

And solid attribute for Tendency to punch.

If you want to be safer from set pieces crossing you need to find the right keeper.

To make thing easier for you below is the biggest list of great goalkeepers with high “Aerial reach” attribute, with a good “Command of area” and “Rushing out attribute”.

Good luck!

Neuer, Manuel Germany 32
Oblak, Jan Slovenia 25
Buffon, Gianluigi Italy 40
Szczesny, Wojciech Poland 28
Arrizabalaga, Kepa Spain / Pays Basque 23
Donnarumma, Gianluigi Italy 19
Woodman, Freddie England 21
Handanovic, Samir Slovenia / Bosnia & Herzegovina 33
Patrício, Rui Portugal 30
Perin, Mattia Italy 25
Pope, Nick England 26
Begovic, Asmir Bosnia & Herzegovina / Canada / England 30
Nübel, Alexander Germany 21
Livakovic, Dominik Croatia 23
Foster, Ben England 35
Fabianski, Lukasz Poland 33
Linde, Andreas Sweden 24
Marchesín, Agustín Argentina 30
Sportiello, Marco Italy 26
Areola, Alphonse France / Philippines 25
Radunovic, Boris Serbia 22
Casteels, Koen Belgium 25
Robles, Joel Spain 27
Moya, Miguel Ángel Spain 34
Pavlenka, Jiri Czech Republic 26
Horvath, Ethan U.S.A. / Hungary 22
Von Ballmoos, David Switzerland 23
Boruc, Artur Poland 38
Musso, Juan Argentina 24
Vanderlei Brazil 34
Juan Carlos Spain 30
Soria, David Spain 25
Demirel, Volkan Turkey 36
Jarstein, Rune Norway 33
Viviano, Emiliano Italy 32
Krul, Tim Holland 30
Ruddy, John England 31
Guaita, Vicente Spain 31
Diego López Spain 36
Lamanna, Eugenio Italy 28
Strebinger, Richard Austria 25
Gudino, Raúl Mexico 22
Cuéllar, Iván Spain 34
Grant, Lee England 35
Iacobucci, Alessandro Italy 26
Sahin-Radlinger, Samuel Austria 25
Lössl, Jonas Denmark 29
Guzan, Brad U.S.A. 33
Júlio César Brazil 31
Renan Brazil 29
Fernando Prass Brazil / Germany 39
Andújar, Mariano Argentina / Italy 34
Carnesecchi, Marco Italy 18
Mannone, Vito Italy 30
Benaglio, Diego Switzerland / Italy 34
Marino, Diego Spain 28
Isaksson, Andreas Sweden 36
Jefferson Brazil 35
Sá, José Portugal 25
Kameni, Carlos Cameroon / France 34
Kolar, Ondrej Czech Republic 23
Kuciak, Dusan Slovakia 33
Gottardi Brazil / Italy 32
Jones, Brad Australia / England 36
Bizzarri, Albano Argentina / Italy 40
Etheridge, Neil Philippines / England 28
Mirante, Antonio Italy 34
Seculin, Andrea Italy 27
Smith, Adam England 25
Green, Robert England 38
Ben Chrifia, Moez Tunisia 26
Lucchetti, Cristian Argentina / Italy 39
Gikiewicz, Rafal Poland 30
Fernández, Jesús Spain 29
Cuesta, Julián Spain 27
Ellegaard, Kevin Stuhr Denmark 35
Sidao Brazil 35
Loria, Giorgi Georgia 32
Jensen, David Denmark 26
Marcelo Boeck Brazil / Belgium 33
Kofler, Alexander Austria 31
Bonmann, Hendrik Germany 24
Bozovic, Mladen Montenegro 33
Kovar, Premysl Czech Republic 32
Eriksen Ranmark, Mathias Norway 22
Park Joon-Hyuk South Korea 31
Deric, Tyler U.S.A. 29
Chaouchi, Faouzi Algeria 33
Tkeshelashvili, Levan Georgia 25
Nauzet Spain 33
Bindi, Giacomo Italy 31
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