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Welcome to NoTHROW, the most reliable online resource for FM expert tactics, talented players, good staff, trainings, tips and guides…

At NoTHROW, we pride ourselves on being the most authoritative online platform dedicated to Football Manager (FM).

Whether you’re seeking expert tactics, insights on talented players, top-tier staff recommendations, training modules, or comprehensive guides, we’ve got you covered!

Meet the Expert: I’m Kruno, widely recognized in the Football Manager community as ‘krunccrni‘. With decades of experience and a deep passion for the game, I’ve crafted strategies and tactics that have resonated with thousands of FM enthusiasts worldwide.

Notable Achievements: My “Barcelona style” tactic in 2012 garnered significant attention, with over 100k downloads. Specifically, on FM Scout, it was downloaded over 70k times, standing out as the premier Barcelona tika-taka style replica, emphasizing high possession and intricate passing.

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Quick facts about Krunccrni:


Education: Certified with a Level 2 certificate in football coaching, Certificate in Football Training Load Management, Youth Coaching diploma, Certificate in Football Tactical Analyst
Supporter of: GNK Dinamo Zagreb
Playing since: Engaged with Football Manager since 1996.
Age: 42
Favorite formations: Favoring 433 and 343 formations with an attacking possession style.
Style of play: Attacking possesion
Team talk style: passionate
Manager style: tactician managerial style
Love: tactic set-up and match preparation
Hate: the media and public relations

Theese are my latest stats from Steam:


  • Football Manager 2012: 564 hours
  • Football Manager 2013: 588 hours
  • Football Manager 2014: 373 hours
  • Football Manager 2015: 168 hours
  • Football Manager 2016: 226 hours
  • Football Manager 2017: 145 hours
  • Football Manager 2018: 148 hours
  • Football Manager 2019: 231 hours
  • Football Manager 2020: 78 hours
  • Football Manager 2021: 31 hours
  • Football Manager 2022: 86 hours
  • Football Manager 2023: 230 hours

My love affair with this unparalleled strategy game began in 1996, leading Manchester United in Championship Manager. Over the years, my expertise has only deepened, and NoTHROW is the culmination of this journey. It’s a platform where I share insights, strategies, and knowledge amassed over more than a decade.

And NoTHROW is now the place where I will share my knowledge and experience gained by playing this fantastic game for over a decade.

  • Mission: To empower Football Manager enthusiasts worldwide with expert insights, tactics, and strategies that elevate their gameplay experience. We aim to be the go-to resource for all things Football Manager, bridging the gap between casual players and experts. Our mission is rooted in our passion for the game and our commitment to our community.
  • Vision: To be the global leader in Football Manager expertise, fostering a community where passion for the game meets unparalleled knowledge. We envision a future where every FM player, regardless of their skill level, can access top-tier strategies and insights. Through continuous innovation and feedback, we strive to make this vision a reality.
  • Our Goal: To consistently provide authoritative, accurate, and up-to-date information, ensuring every FM enthusiast feels equipped and confident in their gameplay decisions. We understand the evolving nature of the game and are committed to staying ahead of the curve. Our goal is to ensure that every piece of information we provide adds value to our readers.
  • Transparency: At NoTHROW, we believe in complete transparency. Our recommendations and insights are based on extensive research, gameplay experience, and feedback from the FM community. We’re open about our methodologies and always welcome feedback to improve and refine our approach.
  • Expertise: Our expert, Kruno, known as ‘krunccrni‘ in the FM community. With decades of experience, certifications in football coaching, and a deep-rooted passion for the game, Kruno’s strategies have resonated with thousands worldwide. His dedication to the game and continuous learning sets him apart as a true FM maestro.
  • Diversity: We recognize the global appeal of Football Manager and strive to cater to the diverse needs of our audience, ensuring inclusivity in our content and approach. Football is a universal language, and we aim to reflect that in our content. We celebrate the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our community members.
  • Fact-Checking: Our content undergoes rigorous fact-checking to ensure accuracy. We prioritize reliable sources and firsthand experience to deliver trustworthy insights. Every article, guide, and recommendation is scrutinized to ensure it meets our high standards of accuracy and reliability.
  • Editorial Policy: Our editorial team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of content integrity. We ensure that our content is unbiased, free from external influences, and centered around the best interests of our audience. Our readers’ trust is paramount, and we work diligently to uphold it.
  • Our Commitment: At NoTHROW, we prioritize Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Our content is crafted by experts, backed by authoritative sources, and trusted by the FM community. We understand the importance of E-A-T in today’s digital landscape and are committed to upholding these principles in everything we do.
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