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The Best Right Wingers (AMR) in Football Manager

If you are seeking to inject your team with pace, precision, and the game-changing prowess of top-tier talent, then you’re in the right place!

Here, you will find not only my top three picks for the best right wingers but also the most comprehensive list of the best right wingers in the world!

The position of a right winger (AMR) in football, especially when played by a left-footed player, is significant for several tactical reasons.

  • Inverted Wingers: Traditionally, wingers were expected to play on the side that matched their dominant foot (right-footed players on the right, left-footed players on the left) to facilitate crossing. However, the modern game often employs ‘inverted wingers’ – players who play on the opposite side of their dominant foot. A left-footed player on the right wing (right inverted winger) can cut inside onto their stronger foot, offering a direct threat to the goal. This change in angle can create scoring opportunities and disrupt defensive formations.
  • Shooting Opportunities: Left-footed players on the right wing have a natural angle for shooting at goal, especially when cutting inside. Their position allows them to aim at the far post with greater ease, a tactic often difficult to defend against.
  • Versatility in Attack: Having a left-footed player on the right wing adds unpredictability to the attack. The player can choose to cut inside to shoot or pass, or go down the wing to deliver a cross with their weaker foot. This versatility makes it harder for defenders to anticipate and counter their moves.
  • Creating Space: When a left-footed right winger cuts inside, it creates space for overlapping runs from the right-back or right-sided midfielders. This movement can lead to overloading defensive areas and creating mismatches, which can be exploited.
  • Impact on Opposing Defences: Defenders are typically used to facing players who operate on their natural side. An inverted winger can pose a unique challenge, as defenders might be less adept at dealing with threats coming from the ‘wrong’ side. This can lead to hesitancy or errors in judgment.
  • Set Pieces and Crosses: While crossing may be less natural for an inverted winger, they can still deliver dangerous in-swinging crosses from the right side. Moreover, their positioning can be advantageous for certain set pieces, including corner kicks and free-kicks, where the ball’s curve can be more deceptive for goalkeepers and defenders.

In my opinion, these are the three best right wingers in FM 2024.


Bukayo Saka


Model Citizen
  • ✅ 16 Dribbling
  • ✅ 16 Long Shots
  • ✅ 17 Acceleration
  • ✅ Only 21 years
The Best

Lionel Messi


  • ✅ 20 Dribbling
  • ✅ 16 Long Shots
  • ✅ 16 Acceleration
  • ✅ The Legend

Mohamed Salah


  • ✅ 16 Dribbling
  • ✅ 13 Long Shots
  • ✅ 18 Acceleration
  • ✅ Unpredictable



How Did I Choose the Best?

Having played this wonderful simulation for many years, I have figured out which attributes and their values are by far the most important for right winger roles.

Accceleration 14+
Pace 14+
Crossing 12+
Dribbling 14+
Finishing 12+
Long shots 10+


So, let’s analyze why each attribute is important:

  • Acceleration (14): This reflects how quickly a player can reach their top speed from a standing start. High acceleration is crucial for a winger or forward because it allows the player to make quick, explosive starts and sudden changes of pace that can beat defenders, particularly when starting a counter-attack or trying to get behind the defensive line.
  • Pace (14): This reflects a player’s top speed both with and without the ball. Having high pace means the player can cover ground quickly, which is essential for both attacking, to exploit spaces in the opposition defense, and defending, to recover when the team loses possession.
  • Crossing (12): This reflects the player’s ability to deliver accurate crosses from wide areas. Good crossing is vital for creating scoring opportunities, especially if the team has competent headers of the ball. Even a slightly above-average crossing ability can be a significant asset if the player can find space to deliver crosses.
  • Dribbling (14): This reflects the player’s ability to run with the ball and manipulate it under close control. Excellent dribbling skills enable a player to navigate through tight spaces, maintain possession under pressure, and beat opponents one-on-one, which is particularly useful in creating chances from wide areas or cutting inside toward the goal.
  • Finishing (12): This reflects the player’s ability to put the ball in the back of the net when presented with a chance. For a player who gets into goal-scoring positions, being able to finish with consistency can be the difference between winning and losing. A player with decent finishing can contribute a good number of goals from the AMR position.
  • Long Shots (10): This reflects the player’s prowess when shooting from outside the penalty area. While not as high as other attributes, a reasonable long shots rating means the player can still be a threat from distance, forcing defenses to close them down and potentially opening up space for teammates.

A player with this profile would be very effective on the right wing, able to create chances both for themselves and for others, and could be a constant threat to the opposition defense with their speed, dribbling, and ability to deliver quality crosses.

Their finishing ability suggests they can also cut in and score goals themselves, while their long shots attribute, though not as high, still allows them to be a threat from range.

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List of all the Best Right Wingers in the World

Here is my selection of the top right wingers, carefully chosen based on the attributes discussed earlier, offering a range of excellent options suitable for any club.

Lionel Messi 35 Argentina,Spain
Bukayo Saka 21 England,Nigeria
Rodrygo 22 Brazil,Spain
Mohamed Salah 31 Egypt
Nico Williams 20 Spain,Ghana,Pays Basque
Yeremy Pino 20 Spain
Cole Palmer 21 England
Riyad Mahrez 32 Algeria,France,Morocco
Brennan Johnson 22 Wales,England
Nicolás González 25 Argentina,Italy
Marco Asensio 27 Spain,Netherlands
Raheem Sterling 28 England,Jamaica
Tiago Gouveia 22 Portugal
Raphinha 26 Brazil,Italy
Ousmane Dembélé 26 France,Mauritania
Samuel Chukwueze 24 Nigeria
Pedro Neto 23 Portugal
Dango Ouattara 21 Burkina Faso
Emiliano Buendía 26 Argentina,Spain
Gustav Isaksen 22 Denmark
Ferran Torres 23 Spain
Christian Pulisic 24 United States,Croatia
Malcom 26 Brazil,Russia
Chiquinho 23 Portugal,Cape Verde Islands
Felipe Anderson 30 Brazil
Jarrod Bowen 26 England
Bryan Mbeumo 23 Cameroon,France
Patrik Wålemark 21 Sweden
Riccardo Orsolini 26 Italy
Hirving Lozano 27 Mexico
Lucas Ocampos 28 Argentina,Spain
Dudu 31 Brazil
Matteo Politano 29 Italy
Harry Wilson 26 Wales
Cyril Ngongé 23 Belgium,Democratic Republic of Congo
Ola Solbakken 24 Norway
Zizo 27 Egypt
Steven Berghuis 31 Netherlands
Carlos Borges 19 Portugal,Guinea-Bissau
Benjamín Garré 22 Argentina,Italy
Gabriel Strefezza 26 Brazil,Italy
Jorge De Frutos 26 Spain
Lautaro Giaccone 22 Argentina
Viktor Tsygankov 25 Ukraine,Israel
Isi Palazón 28 Spain
Junya Ito 30 Japan
Cengiz Ünder 25 Türkiye
Romain Faivre 24 France
Roland Sallai 26 Hungary
Matheus Pereira 27 Brazil,Portugal
Artur 25 Brazil
Paulino De la Fuente 25 Spain
Adrián Embarba 31 Spain
Samuel Datko 21 Slovakia
Patrick Roberts 26 England
Florian Thauvin 30 France,Spain
Iván Chapela 24 Spain
Yann Karamoh 24 France,Ivory Coast
Abdelrahman Magdy 25 Egypt
Joaquín Montecinos 27 Chile,Colombia
Kike Barja 26 Spain,Portugal,Pays Basque
Jefferson Savarino 26 Venezuela,United States
Marinho 33 Brazil
Juan Cruz 23 Argentina,Spain
Roberto Insigne 29 Italy
Alef Manga 28 Brazil
Tajon Buchanan 24 Canada,Jamaica
Adam Ounas 26 Algeria,France
Eduardo Salvio 32 Argentina
Uriel Antuna 25 Mexico
Jovane Cabral 25 Cape Verde Islands,Portugal
Santiago Solari 25 Argentina
Mostafa Fathy 29 Egypt
Mustapha Isah 18 Nigeria
Gustavo Silva 25 Brazil
Juan Otero 28 Colombia
Danilo Asprilla 34 Colombia
Jordan Morris 28 United States
Nicolás Retamar 24 Argentina
Alejandro Tabó 29 Uruguay
Ayabulela Maxwele 23 South Africa
Brahian Cuello 25 Argentina
Abat Aiymbetov 27 Kazakhstan
Norberto Briasco 27 Armenia,Argentina
Ángel Quiñónez 26 Ecuador
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