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The Best Left Wingers (AML) in Football Manager

Looking to infuse your squad with speed, accuracy, and the impact of elite players?

You’ve arrived at the perfect destination!

Here, you’ll discover more than just my personal selection of the top three right wingers – you’ll also encounter an extensive roundup of the world’s premier talents in this position.

The role of left wingers (AML – Attacking Midfield Left) in football is multifaceted and highly strategic, playing a crucial role in a team’s offensive dynamics.

Here are several reasons why the AML position is important:

  • Width and Space Creation: Left wingers provide width to the team’s attack, stretching the opposition’s defense and creating space in central areas for midfielders and strikers to exploit.
  • Isolation Against Fullbacks: Left wingers often face the opposition’s right-backs in one-on-one situations. Their ability to win these duels can lead to dangerous crosses or cut-backs from the byline, creating clear scoring opportunities.
  • Goal Threat: Many left wingers are right-footed (inverted wingers) and can cut inside to shoot on their stronger foot, posing a direct threat to the goal.
  • Versatility in Attack: AMLs can switch flanks, drift inside, or even drop deeper to participate in the build-up play, making the team’s attack less predictable and more dynamic.
  • Overlapping Runs: The presence of a left winger allows for interplay with the left-back, who can make overlapping or underlapping runs. This can lead to numerical advantages and crossing opportunities from different angles.
  • Crossing and Assists: Left wingers with good crossing abilities can deliver accurate balls into the penalty area, leading to assists and key passes that result in goals.
  • Defensive Contributions: Wingers are also expected to track back and support the full-back defensively, contributing to the team’s overall defensive solidity.
  • Tactical Flexibility: Left wingers can adapt to various tactical systems, whether it’s a traditional 4-4-2, a modern 4-3-3, or even more fluid attacking systems. Their role can be adjusted to suit different tactical approaches.
  • Transition Play: In modern football, transitions are crucial, and left wingers are often pivotal in quick counter-attacks due to their pace and ability to carry the ball over long distances.
  • Set Pieces: Left wingers often have the technical ability to take set pieces, such as corners and free kicks, which can be a significant source of goals.

As far as I am concerned, these are the three best left wingers in FM 2024.


Khvicha Kvaratskhelia


  • ✅ 19 Dribbling
  • ✅ 14 Long Shots
  • ✅ 15 Acceleration
  • ✅ Tries Tricks
The Best

Vinícius Júnior


  • ✅ 19 Dribbling
  • ✅ 12 Long Shots
  • ✅ 19 Acceleration
  • ✅ High Determination

Rafael Leão


Fairly Ambitious
  • ✅ 17 Dribbling
  • ✅ 13 Long Shots
  • ✅ 17 Acceleration
  • ✅ Good Jumping



What was My Method for Selecting the Top Choices?

Years of playing this captivating simulation have honed my understanding of the key attributes essential for players operating on the left flank. The critical skills and their minimum effective ratings are as follows:

Accceleration 14+
Pace 14+
Crossing 12+
Dribbling 14+
Finishing 12+
Long shots 10+


Now, let’s delve into the significance of each skill set:

  • Acceleration (14+): This metric gauges the swiftness with which a player can attain full speed from rest. Such quickness is pivotal for any wide player, enabling them to launch into rapid sprints that can outmaneuver defenders, which is especially advantageous during quick breaks or when attempting to slip past the backline.
  • Pace (14+): This indicates the maximum speed a player can achieve, both when dribbling and in open play. A winger with blistering pace can swiftly traverse the pitch, instrumental in both launching assaults into enemy territory and falling back to fortify the defense.
  • Crossing (12+): The proficiency in swinging the ball from the flanks with precision is encapsulated here. Effective crossing is the cornerstone of crafting goal opportunities, and with even moderate skill, a player can be a formidable source of assists from the wings.
  • Dribbling (14+): This skill reflects the aptitude to control the ball adeptly while in motion. Superior dribbling enables a player to weave through constricted spaces, retain possession amidst opposition, and outplay defenders in direct confrontations, thereby laying the groundwork for offensive plays from the sidelines or the route to the net.
  • Finishing (12+): The ability to reliably convert chances into goals is measured here. A winger who finds themselves in striking positions often can make a marked difference in the game’s outcome with proficient finishing.
  • Long Shots (10+): This attribute scores a player’s ability to take aim and shoot from beyond the penalty box. Even with an average rating, such a player possesses the capacity to pose a threat from afar, compelling defenses to stretch and potentially creating gaps for allies.

In essence, an athlete with these attributes would excel as a left winger, capable of generating opportunities for themselves and their team, maintaining a relentless threat to the opposition.

Their knack for finishing implies they can pivot inward to score, while their aptitude for long-range shots adds an additional layer of danger.

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List of all the Best Left Wingers in the World

Here are my picks for the finest left wingers, carefully selected based on previously mentioned attributes. The list has a variety of outstanding choices that can be great additon to any club.

Phil Foden 23 England
Vinícius Júnior 22 Brazil,Spain
Ansu Fati 20 Spain,Guinea-Bissau
Andreas Schjelderup 19 Norway
Khvicha Kvaratskhelia 22 Georgia
Neymar 31 Brazil
Rafael Leão 24 Portugal,Angola
Marcus Rashford 25 England
Luis Díaz 26 Colombia
Mykhaylo Mudryk 22 Ukraine
Gabriel Veron 20 Brazil
Leroy Sané 27 Germany,France,Senegal
Mikkel Damsgaard 22 Denmark
Bryan Gil 22 Spain
Raheem Sterling 28 England,Jamaica
Bryan Zaragoza 22 Spain
Tiago Gouveia 22 Portugal
Amine Gouiri 23 Algeria,France
Keane Lewis-Potter 22 England
Ander Barrenetxea 21 Spain,Pays Basque
Pedro Neto 23 Portugal
Jack Grealish 27 England,Republic of Ireland
Pedro Gonçalves 24 Portugal
Diogo Jota 26 Portugal
Federico Chiesa 25 Italy
Christian Pulisic 24 United States,Croatia
Mattia Zaccagni 28 Italy
Arnaut Danjuma 26 Netherlands,Nigeria
Ez Abde 21 Morocco,Spain
Kingsley Coman 27 France,Guinea,Guadeloupe
Chiquinho 23 Portugal,Cape Verde Islands
Lorenzo Insigne 32 Italy
Jack Clarke 22 England
Ricardo Horta 28 Portugal
Yannick Carrasco 29 Belgium,Spain,Portugal
Brian Ocampo 23 Uruguay
Thomas Lemar 27 France,Guadeloupe
Dudu 31 Brazil
Anass Zaroury 22 Morocco,Belgium
Luis Sinisterra 24 Colombia
Noa Lang 24 Netherlands,Suriname
Ademola Lookman 25 Nigeria,England
Kevin Villodres 22 Spain
Leandro Trossard 28 Belgium
Zizo 27 Egypt
Jesper Karlsson 24 Sweden
Jota 24 Portugal
Riccardo Sottil 24 Italy
Moustapha Diaw 21 Senegal
Yoane Wissa 26 Democratic Republic of Congo,France
Everton Cebolinha 27 Brazil
Ibrahim Adel 22 Egypt
Saïd Benrahma 27 Algeria,France
Josip Brekalo 24 Croatia
Steven Bergwijn 25 Netherlands,Suriname
Sebastián Driussi 27 Argentina,Italy
Nemanja Radonjić 27 Serbia
Esequiel Barco 24 Argentina,United States
Álvaro Djaló 23 Spain,Guinea-Bissau,Pays Basque
Denis Bouanga 28 Gabon,France
Gonçalo Guedes 26 Portugal
Jonathan Bamba 27 Ivory Coast,France
Rony 28 Brazil
Youcef Belaïli 31 Algeria
José Luis Morales 35 Spain
Cristian Barrios 25 Colombia
Mikael Anderson 24 Iceland,Denmark,Jamaica
Theo Bongonda 27 Democratic Republic of Congo,Belgium
Robin Hack 24 Germany
Fábio Martins 29 Portugal,Brazil
Akram Afif 26 Qatar,Tanzania
Léo Chu 23 Brazil
Kike Barja 26 Spain,Portugal,Pays Basque
Oussama Idrissi 27 Morocco,Netherlands
Joseph Paintsil 25 Ghana
Kahraba 29 Egypt
Moses Simon 27 Nigeria
Álex Berenguer 27 Spain,Pays Basque
Jeppe Okkels 23 Denmark
Peter Olayinka 27 Nigeria
Cristian Tello 31 Spain
Thorgan Hazard 30 Belgium
Edmilson Junior 28 Brazil,Belgium
Murilo Souza 28 Brazil
Maxime Lestienne 31 Belgium
Álex Mula 26 Spain
Kevin Sandoval 26 Peru
Jovane Cabral 25 Cape Verde Islands,Portugal
Tete Morente 26 Spain
Joao Rojas 25 Ecuador
Matěj Jurásek 19 Czechia
Modou Barrow 30 The Gambia,Sweden
Hussein El Shahat 31 Egypt
Alex Dobre 24 Romania
Stiven Mendoza 30 Colombia
Ahmed Refaat 29 Egypt
Jordan Morris 28 United States
Romarinho 29 Brazil
Lewis Morgan 26 Scotland
Giorgi Beridze 26 Georgia
Ariel Mina 20 Ecuador
Tokmac Nguen 29 Norway,Sudan,Ethiopia
Osnar Noronha 31 Peru
Jonathan Okita 26 Democratic Republic of Congo,Germany,Belgium
Zakaria Fati 30 Morocco
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