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Goalkeepers With the Best One-On-One Ability (Highest “One on Ones” Attribute In FM)

The one-on-one showdown between a striker and a goalkeeper is a moment that can define the outcome of a game. It’s a high-stakes duel where milliseconds and millimeters dictate triumph or defeat.

The role of a goalkeeper has evolved significantly over the years, transforming from merely being the last line of defense to a position requiring a unique blend of physical agility, mental strength, and tactical understanding.

In modern football, a goalkeeper’s ability to excel in one-on-one situations is not just a skill but an art form, honed through rigorous training, psychological resilience, and an innate understanding of an attacker’s mindset.


List of the best Goalkeepers in one-on-one situations

Here is the list of all goalkeepers who have a one on ones attribute rating in FM of 17 or more.

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The “One on Ones” attribute in Football Manager

one on ones attribute

The “One on Ones” attribute in Football Manager is a critical metric that evaluates a goalkeeper’s proficiency in handling direct confrontations with an opponent, typically a striker, in a one-on-one situation.

This attribute is crucial in the game for several reasons:

  • Defining Goalkeeper’s Skill in Crucial Moments: Football matches often present scenarios where a striker breaks through the defense, finding themselves one-on-one with the goalkeeper. The “One on Ones” attribute signifies how well the goalkeeper can cope with these high-pressure situations. A higher rating indicates better skills in anticipating the striker’s actions, deciding whether to stay put, charge forward, or position themselves to narrow the angle for the shot.
  • Impact on Team’s Defensive Strength: A goalkeeper with a high “One on Ones” attribute can significantly enhance a team’s overall defensive capability. Knowing that the goalkeeper is adept at handling one-on-one situations can also boost the confidence of the defensive line, allowing them to play more assertively.
  • Influence on Opponent’s Strategy: An opponent team might alter their strategy if they know the goalkeeper is particularly skilled in one-on-one situations. They might opt for strategies that avoid such confrontations, like focusing on long-range shots or crosses, rather than through balls that lead to one-on-one scenarios.
  • Game-Changing Moments: Football games are often decided by slim margins, and one-on-one situations are potential game-changing moments. A goalkeeper’s ability to successfully thwart a one-on-one opportunity can be the difference between winning and losing, making this attribute a pivotal factor in the game’s outcome.
  • Player Development and Transfer Value: In Football Manager, the “One on Ones” attribute is a key factor in a goalkeeper’s overall rating and development. A goalkeeper with a high rating in this area is likely to be more valued in the transfer market and can be a crucial asset to develop for long-term team success.

In summary, the “One on Ones” attribute in Football Manager is a vital indicator of a goalkeeper’s ability to handle some of the most critical and high-pressure situations in a football match.

It affects not only the individual performance of the goalkeeper but also the overall defensive strategy and confidence of the team.

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Key facts about great goalkeepers for one-on-one situations

  • ✅ Goalkeepers specializing in one-on-one situations possess a unique blend of anticipation, agility, and mental toughness, crucial for making split-second decisions under pressure.
  • ✅ Training for one-on-one scenarios involves specialized drills focusing on reaction times, mental resilience, and physical fitness tailored to enhance agility and speed.
  • ✅ Elite goalkeepers demonstrate exceptional skills in these confrontations through a combination of natural talent, rigorous training, and psychological preparedness.
  • ✅ Technological advancements like virtual reality and data analytics play a significant role in modern goalkeeper training, offering realistic simulations and performance insights.
  • ✅ The future of goalkeeping sees evolving training methods, with a focus on psychological conditioning and leveraging technology for skill enhancement.


FAQ Section

What makes a goalkeeper excel in one-on-one situations?

Goalkeepers who excel in one-on-one situations possess quick reflexes, excellent decision-making skills, and the ability to anticipate the striker’s actions. They also demonstrate mental toughness and confidence under pressure.

How do goalkeepers train for one-on-one scenarios?

Goalkeepers undergo specialized training that focuses on improving reaction times, agility, and mental resilience. This includes drills that simulate one-on-one situations, agility exercises, and psychological training to handle high-pressure moments.

What role does technology play in training goalkeepers?

Technology, such as virtual reality and data analytics, is increasingly used in goalkeeper training. It provides realistic simulations of game scenarios and detailed performance analysis, helping goalkeepers improve their decision-making and technique.

How important is the psychological aspect in one-on-one goalkeeping?

The psychological aspect is crucial in one-on-one goalkeeping. Goalkeepers must remain calm, focused, and confident, often engaging in a mental battle with the striker to anticipate and react to their actions effectively.

What are some expert tips for young goalkeepers aspiring to improve their one-on-one skills?

Young goalkeepers should focus on developing their reflexes, agility, and decision-making skills. Regular practice, studying professional goalkeepers, and mental conditioning are key to improving one-on-one abilities.

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