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What is Jude Bellingham’s Best Role/Position in Football Manager 2024?

The world of football has witnessed the meteoric rise of Jude Bellingham, a young talent who has taken both the real and virtual pitches by storm. He is now certainly among the top three best attacking midfielders in the world!

As avid players of Football Manager 2024, we constantly seek realism, striving to emulate the successes and challenges faced by real-world managers.

Bellingham’s versatility in the game mirrors his real-world prowess, sparking debates about his optimal role in FM 2024.

Article Summary

  • ✅ Jude Bellingham’s versatility is a key highlight in Football Manager 2024.
  • ✅ The game offers multiple roles that can harness Bellingham’s strengths.
  • ✅ Community feedback provides valuable insights into his best positions.
  • ✅ Tactical setups can influence Bellingham’s effectiveness on the pitch.
  • ✅ Training and development are crucial for maximizing his potential in the game.

The Versatility of Jude Bellingham

Introducing their thoughts on a rising star, Ancelotti commented in a press conference, “He looks like a veteran out there because of his attitude” (1). “He’s a top boy with extraordinary talent,” adds Modrić (2).

Bellingham’s ability to adapt to various midfield roles sets him apart. Whether it’s breaking up play, driving forward, or creating chances, he’s a manager’s dream.

In the real footballing world, Bellingham’s performances for Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and the England national team have showcased his adaptability.

From deep-lying playmaker roles to more advanced positions, he’s proven his worth at every turn.


Attributes that Stand Out

In FM 2024, his technical attributes, including dribbling, first touch, and passing, are noteworthy. Coupled with his mental attributes like determination, flair, and vision, he’s a midfield dynamo.

Bellingham boasts impressive technical, mental, and physical attributes. His high work rate (18), determination (20), and flair (16) stand out, making him a valuable asset in the midfield.

His technical attributes, such as dribbling (16), first touch (16), and technique (16), further emphasize his suitability for advanced playmaking roles.

Bellingham is versatile and can play as DM, MC, and AMC. This aligns with the real-world perception of him being a flexible midfielder.


Best Suitable Roles

  • Advanced Playmaker (Support): 77.9
  • Advanced Playmaker (Attack): 77.5
  • Mezzala (Support): 77.4
  • Mezzala (Attack): 77.4
  • Box to Box Midfielder (Support): 77.1
  • Enganche (Support): 77

These ratings suggest that Bellingham is highly suited for a variety of roles in the midfield, with a slight preference for the Advanced Playmaker role in both support and attack duties.

The Mezzala and Box-to-Box roles also suit him well, highlighting his dynamic nature.


AMC Roles

  • Trequartista: Traditionally, a Trequartista is a player who operates between the lines, looking to receive the ball in pockets of space and create opportunities. While Bellingham has the technical ability to play this role, it might not be the most natural fit for him. Trequartistas are usually less involved in defensive duties, and given Bellingham’s work rate and defensive contributions, you might not be maximizing his full potential in this role.
  • Shadow Striker: This role could be a good fit for Bellingham, especially if you’re looking for a more dynamic and direct approach. A Shadow Striker aggressively pushes forward, looking to get on the end of passes and score. Given Bellingham’s energy, ability to make late runs into the box, and decent finishing, he could be effective in this role.
  • Enganche: The Enganche is a static playmaker, acting as the focal point of attacks but without much movement. While Bellingham has the vision and passing ability to play as an Enganche, his natural inclination to move around and cover ground might be somewhat restricted in this role.
  • Advanced Playmaker: This is probably the best fit for Bellingham in the AMC position. As an Advanced Playmaker, he can dictate the tempo of the game, link up play, and also drive forward when needed. Given his technical skills, vision, and ability to pick a pass, Bellingham can thrive in this role, especially with the freedom to roam and find spaces.

Note: Ancelotti commented: “to try to use his characteristics, the best position for him is number 10.” (3)


MC Roles

  • Box-to-Box Midfielder: Given Bellingham’s energy, stamina, and ability to contribute both defensively and offensively, the Box-to-Box role suits him perfectly. He can cover a lot of ground, break up opposition plays, and also drive forward to support attacks.
  • Central Midfielder (Support/Attack): In a more standard CM role, Bellingham can be effective by maintaining possession, distributing the ball, and making late runs into the box. Depending on the match situation, you can toggle between support and attack duties.
  • Deep Lying Playmaker (Support): While Bellingham is not a traditional playmaker, his technical skills and vision allow him to dictate play from deeper positions. This role can be particularly effective if you have pacey wingers or forwards to exploit spaces.
  • Mezzala (Attack): If you’re playing with a three-man midfield, using Bellingham as a Mezzala can be effective. This role allows him to drift wide, find pockets of space, and make diagonal runs into the box.
  • Ball Winning Midfielder (Support): If you need a more defensive presence in the midfield, Bellingham’s tenacity and tackling ability can be harnessed in this role. He’ll focus more on winning the ball back and less on attacking transitions.


Central Midfield (Attack) vs. AMC (Advanced Playmaker Support)

Choosing between these two roles for Bellingham can be a tactical conundrum for managers.


The Dynamics of Central Midfield (Attack)

In the Central Midfield (Attack) position, he would likely be more involved in both defensive and offensive transitions. Given his high work rate, determination, and stamina, he can effectively contribute to both ends of the pitch.

His technical attributes, such as dribbling, first touch, and passing, would also allow him to drive the team forward from deeper positions.


The Creativity of AMC (Advanced Playmaker Support)

As an AMC (Advanced Playmaker Support), Bellingham would operate in a more advanced role, focusing primarily on creating scoring opportunities and linking up play between the midfield and attack.

His vision, flair, and technique would be crucial in this position, allowing him to dictate the tempo and provide key passes.


Community Feedback and Insights

The FM community is a goldmine of insights, with many players sharing their experiences and tactics.

From forum discussions to social media debates, fans often highlight Bellingham’s potential and versatility. Some believe his attributes, like strength, should be higher based on real-life performances.

Some users pointed out the game’s tendency to label many midfielders as “ball-winning midfielders,” even if it might not be the most suitable role for them. This sentiment was echoed regarding Bellingham, with some users finding it amusing to think of him primarily as a ball-winning midfielder.

There’s a general consensus that Bellingham is a standout talent in both the game and real life. Some users believe certain attributes, like his strength, should be higher based on his real-life performances.

A few comments highlighted Bellingham’s current form and potential upgrades in future game patches.


Expert Tips

Top players recommend experimenting with Bellingham’s roles, emphasizing the importance of the overall tactical setup. According to a renowned FM community site, adapting tactics based on opponents can maximize Bellingham’s impact.

The game’s intricate tactical system means managers must consider various factors when deploying Bellingham.


Building a Team Around Bellingham

Given his attributes, building a team that complements Bellingham’s strengths can be a game-changer. Surrounding him with dynamic wingers and a solid defensive midfielder can amplify his effectiveness.

Bellingham’s versatility means he can be deployed differently based on the opposition. Against stronger teams, a deeper role might be more effective, while against weaker sides, an advanced role can be lethal.


Maximizing Bellingham’s Potential

Harnessing Bellingham’s potential is crucial for long-term success.

Regular training, focused on his key attributes, can ensure he reaches his peak. Expert Tip: Tailored training regimes can accelerate a player’s development.

Top FM players emphasize the importance of position-specific training. For Bellingham, a mix of technical and mental training drills can be beneficial.


In Conclusion

  • If you want a dynamic midfielder who can contribute defensively, transition the ball from defense to attack, and also get into scoring positions, then the Central Midfield (Attack) role might be more suitable. This role would harness his energy, work rate, and technical abilities in a more balanced manner.
  • If you’re looking for a player to be the primary creator in the final third, focusing on setting up teammates and controlling the offensive play, then the AMC (Advanced Playmaker Support) role would be ideal. This role would maximize his playmaking abilities and vision in advanced areas.

Given Bellingham’s versatility, both roles can be effective depending on the tactical setup and the players around him. However, if I had to choose based on the provided information and his standout attributes, I’d lean slightly towards the Central Midfield (Attack) role.

This position would allow Bellingham to fully utilize his range of skills, from defensive contributions to driving forward and creating chances.




1. What makes Jude Bellingham’s versatility special in Football Manager 2024?

In FM 2024, Bellingham’s ability to adapt to a variety of midfield roles makes him a standout player. This versatility mirrors his real-world performances for clubs like Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid, as well as the England national team. He can effectively operate in deep-lying playmaker roles or more advanced positions, showcasing his adaptability.


2. Which attributes of Jude Bellingham are particularly noteworthy in the game?

Bellingham boasts a combination of impressive technical, mental, and physical attributes. Notably, his determination (20), flair (16), and work rate (18) make him a midfield dynamo. Additionally, his technical prowess in dribbling (16), first touch (16), and technique (16) emphasize his capability for advanced playmaking roles.


3. Which roles are most suitable for Jude Bellingham in FM 2024?

Bellingham is highly suited for roles like Advanced Playmaker (both in support and attack), Mezzala (both in support and attack), and Box-to-Box Midfielder. The ratings and community feedback suggest that the Advanced Playmaker role in particular maximizes his skill set.


4. How does the FM community view Jude Bellingham’s portrayal in the game?

The FM community generally agrees that Bellingham is a standout talent in both the virtual and real football worlds. There have been discussions about his attributes, with some fans believing that certain stats, like his strength, should be higher based on real-life performances. The community also provides valuable insights into his best positions and roles in different tactical setups.


5. How can managers maximize Bellingham’s potential in the game?

To get the best out of Bellingham, managers are advised to invest in regular, tailored training focused on his key attributes. Position-specific training, considering both technical and mental drills, can be beneficial. Building a team that complements his strengths and adapting tactics based on opponents can also play a crucial role in harnessing his full potential.

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