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Original vs Real World vs Your World: Which to Choose for Best FM Experience?

Football Manager has always been a game that thrives on realism, offering us the chance to immerse ourselves in the intricate world of football management.

With the release of Football Manager 2024, the game has introduced three distinct modes that cater to different player preferences: Original, Real World, and Your World.

The question I asked myself is: But what do these modes entail, and how do they reshape the FM experience?

Let’s dive deep into each mode and understand their significance.

Article Summary

  • Football Manager 2024 introduces three unique game modes: Original, Real World, and Your World.
  • Each mode offers a different gameplay experience, catering to varied player preferences.
  • The modes impact gameplay strategy, with each requiring a distinct approach.
  • Expert tips can guide players in navigating the challenges of each mode.
  • The FM community has diverse reactions to these modes, reflecting their transformative impact on the game.
  • What will I choose…?

Football Manager Game Modes

Football Manager’s commitment to evolving with the times and player feedback is evident in its introduction of these three modes. Let’s break down what each mode offers.


The Traditional Experience: Original Mode

Original Mode sticks to the roots. Players will find themselves managing clubs based on the most accurate real-life data available at the game’s release (1). It’s the classic FM experience many have come to love.


  • In this mode, players will be at the clubs they play for based on the current Football Manager database at the start of your game.
  • This reflects the most accurate real-life data available at the time of the game’s release.

Original Mode Strategy

In Original Mode, players can rely on their knowledge of the game’s database, planning their moves based on the initial setup.


The Dynamic Shift: Real World Mode

Real World Mode introduces an element of unpredictability. Players will start the game with the clubs they were with on the real-life date your Career begins (1). Transfers will also mirror real-life dates, adding a dynamic layer to the gameplay.


  • Players will start the game contracted to the clubs they were with on the real-life date your Career begins.
  • They will then move to their new club on the same date as they did in real life.
  • For instance, if a player transferred from Club A to Club B in real life on August 15th, they would do the same in your game if you start your Career before that date.

Note: If playing in the MLS or A-League and choosing Real Life Transfers mode, no further transfers can be made for the first season in-game.

Real World Mode Strategy

Real World Mode demands adaptability. With players joining after the season starts, managers need to be on their toes, adapting to the dynamic changes.


The Fantasy Realm: Your World Mode

Your World Mode is where fantasy meets football. All future real-life transfers are canceled, giving players a blank canvas to rewrite football history (1). It’s a mode for those who love to craft their narratives.


  • Club squads and budgets will be set at the date your game starts.
  • Only players who joined before that date will be at your club.
  • All future transfers (that would have occurred in Real World mode) are canceled, giving you the opportunity to change history.
  • This mode offers a more fantasy-like experience, allowing you to make alternative choices to the decisions of real-life clubs.

Your World Mode Strategy

Your World Mode is all about creativity. Managers have the freedom to craft their story, making decisions without the constraints of real-life transfers.


Why These Modes Matter

These modes are not just a cosmetic change. They represent a shift in how players approach the game, strategize, and make decisions. It’s about offering choices and catering to the diverse playstyles of the FM community.


Community Reactions

The FM community has had diverse reactions to these modes with many of them failing to understand the difference between. While some purists prefer the Original Mode, many have praised the unpredictability of Real-World Mode. Your World Mode, with its fantasy element, has also found its niche among players who love crafting their narratives.

Based on the Reddit discussion on the topic “New Football Manager 2024 game modes,” the community seems to have a positive reception towards the new game modes introduced in Football Manager 2024 (2). Many users expressed their appreciation for the “Your World” mode, which allows them to start a new save without the real-life transfers that occurred during the season, giving them more control over their team’s roster.

Some users also highlighted the potential challenges and benefits of the “Real World” mode, where transfers occur as they did in real life. There were also suggestions for further enhancements, such as a “random new world” mode or starting from past seasons. Overall, the new game modes seem to offer players more flexibility and options in how they want to experience the game.

On the discussion on Sortitoutsi one user mentioned that they prioritize getting the game data as accurate as possible and would likely stick to the “Original” mode (3). Another user expressed excitement for the “Real World” mode, appreciating its realism. The users also highlighted how these game modes would impact club finances, with specific examples given for Tottenham’s budget in each mode.


Real World Mode: My Choice for Ultimate Test of Adaptability

I believe the “Real World Mode” in Football Manager 2024 is the best choice for me. It offers an authentic and dynamic football management experience, mirroring the unpredictability of the real-world football scene.

I’m not just managing a team; I’m navigating the ever-changing landscape of football. This mode challenges me to adapt to real-time events, like unexpected player transfers or sudden retirements.

I thrive on challenges, and the Real World Mode provides the perfect blend of authenticity and unpredictability, making it the most immersive and realistic option for me.


In Conclusion

Football Manager 2024’s introduction of Original, Real World, and Your World modes has added depth and variety to the gameplay. Whether you’re a purist, a strategist, or a storyteller, there’s a mode tailored for you.

As the game continues to evolve, it’s clear that the focus remains on offering players choices, challenges, and a rich football management experience.


FAQs on Football Manager 2024 Game Modes


What are the new game modes introduced in Football Manager 2024?

Football Manager 2024 introduces three distinct game modes: Original, Real World, and Your World.


Why were these modes introduced?

These modes cater to different player preferences, offering choices and catering to the diverse playstyles of the FM community.


What is the main difference between the three modes?

Original Mode offers a traditional experience, Real World Mode adds a dynamic layer with real-life transfers, and Your World Mode lets players craft their narratives..


Is one mode more challenging than the others?

Each mode offers its challenges. While Original might be familiar, Real World and Your World introduce elements that can test even seasoned players.


How does the Original Mode work?

In Original Mode, players manage clubs based on the most accurate real-life data available at the game’s release. It reflects the real-world football landscape at a specific point in time.


What is the Real World Mode?

Real World Mode mirrors real-life football events. Players start the game with the clubs they were with on the real-life date your Career begins, and transfers mirror real-life dates.


How is Your World Mode different?

Your World Mode is a fantasy mode where all future real-life transfers are canceled, allowing players to craft their narratives and rewrite football history.


Which mode offers the most realistic experience?

Real World Mode offers the most authentic experience as it mirrors real-life football events and transfers.


Can I change the mode once I start my career in FM24?

No, once you choose a mode and start your career, you cannot switch to a different mode. You’d have to start a new career to experience a different mode.


How do these modes impact gameplay strategy?

Each mode requires a distinct approach. Original Mode allows for planning based on the initial setup, Real World Mode demands adaptability to real-time changes, and Your World Mode offers creative freedom.


Which mode is the best for a new player?

It depends on the player’s preference. If they want a predictable experience, Original Mode is best. If they want a dynamic, real-world experience, Real World Mode is ideal. For a more creative and flexible experience, Your World Mode is recommended.


How do these modes affect club finances and transfers?

Each mode has its implications. For instance, in Real World Mode, transfers are set as future transfers, but budgets already reflect the fees for the transfers spent and received.

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