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Football Manager 2019 Free Players: Midfielders

Many managers do agree that the midfield players are a heartbeat for any football team.

Depending on the coaching preferences, many teams have on or two defensive midfielders and one creator/playmaker.

If your squad lack in a good and experienced midfielder you probably have the worst time in setting up your tactic.

You don’t have enough support in both directions, defence and attack, as the midfield is an important link to those two playing phases.

But do not pull your hair, check this massive list of the best free midfielders and I am certain that you will find and sign a few quality players.

Also, if you have missed out, you can check the best free defenders, the best free goalkeepers, and the best free attackers lists.

Here is my pick of best midfielders from the list

free midfilders

p.s. the list has over 300 free players, ages between 19 and 39. You can find a perfect solution for every club;

  • DM – defensive midfielders
  • CM -central midfielders
  • LM/RM – left and right midfielders
  • AM – attacking midfielder

Do let me know which player did you choose!

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