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The Best Left Backs in Football Manager 2024

The fact is that there are between 10 and 15 percent of left-handed/footed people in the world.

Good left-footed players are a very wanted merchandise!

For example, as you probably now, the Croatian national football team has deficit problems on the left side, especially left backs.

There are a lot of teams which have only two or three left-footed players in the team. And most of the football teams consist with over 20 players!

Because of that, you will see in a lot of occasions a right-footed player playing the left back.


What are the most important attributes for left backs?

Note: these are the attributes I prefer when I choose wing backs or fullbacks for my team!

Attribute Value (Minimum)
Acceleration 14 or more
Pace 14 or more
Jumping Reach 8 or more
Stamina 10 or more
Crossing 11 or more
Dribbling 9 or more
Marking 12 or more
Tackling 12 or more
Determination 10 or more
Work Rate 10 or more

For left backs, certain attributes are particularly important due to the nature of their role in the team, which often involves a mix of defensive duties and attacking support.

Bear in mind that these also depend on the football style you prefer, the tactic you choose, the strength of your team etc…

Here’s why each of these attributes is important for left backs:


Acceleration (14 or more)

acceleration in fm

Acceleration is crucial for left backs as it allows them to quickly close down opponents, react to changes in play, and provide rapid support in both defensive and offensive situations. High acceleration is especially important for dealing with fast wingers.

Pace (14 or more)

pace in fm

Pace is the ability to maintain speed over distance. For left backs, this is important for overlapping runs in attack, tracking back to defend against counter-attacks, and generally keeping up with fast-paced gameplay.

Jumping reach (8 or more)

jumping reach in fm

While not as critical for left backs as for central defenders, a decent jumping reach is still beneficial. It helps in aerial duels, which can be important during set pieces or when dealing with long balls.

Stamina (10 or more)

stamina in fm

Wingers typically cover a lot of ground during a match, as they are involved in both defense and attack. Good stamina ensures that they can maintain their performance levels throughout the entire game without succumbing to fatigue.


Crossing (11 or more)

crossing in fm

As left backs often find themselves in positions to deliver the ball into the opponent’s penalty area, especially when they overlap wingers, good crossing ability is key to creating scoring opportunities for the team.

Dribbling (9 or more)

dribbling in fm

Dribbling skills are important for left backs for several reasons. They need to be able to carry the ball out of defense, navigate tight spaces, and contribute to building up attacks, especially when overlapping or cutting inside.

Marking (12 or more)

marking in fm

Effective marking is essential for any defensive role. For left backs, being able to mark opponents tightly prevents wingers and attacking midfielders from finding space and reduces the threat they pose.

Tackling (12 or more)

tackling in fm

Good tackling skills are fundamental for a left back to dispossess opponents and prevent them from advancing, especially in one-on-one situations on the flanks.


Determination (10 or more) p.s. this is the most important mental attribute in the game

determination in fm

Determination reflects a player’s mental fortitude to succeed. For left backs, a high determination score means they are more likely to improve over time, perform well in crucial moments, and recover from setbacks during a game.

Work rate (10 or more)

work rate in fm

A high work rate indicates a player’s willingness to exert a high level of effort during a game. For left backs, this is vital as they need to consistently contribute in both defensive and offensive phases, often over large distances on the pitch.

In conclusion

So, these are the most important attributes for me when I chose my wingbacks/fullbacks…

Each of these attributes contributes to the overall effectiveness of a left back in fulfilling their role on the team, balancing defensive responsibilities with the ability to support and contribute to attacks.

Also, these attributes are suited for my tactic shape and style of play.

You need to pay attention to player age, as players over 30 tend to lose speed quickly, so it is much more advisable to chose a younger player with a bit lower speed attributes.

Below you can find the biggest list of the best left backs in football manager according to my preferences.

Alejandro Balde Spain,Guinea-Bissau,Dominican Republic 19
Adrien Truffert France 21
Miguel Gutiérrez Spain 21
Fabiano Parisi Italy 22
Rayan Aït-Nouri Algeria,France 22
Melvin Bard France 22
Theo Hernández France,Spain 25
Amar Dedić Bosnia and Herzegovina,Austria 20
Manu Sánchez Spain 22
Matteo Ruggeri Italy 20
Bradley Locko France,Congo 21
Mathías Olivera Uruguay,Spain 25
Kieran Tierney Scotland,England 26
Vitaliy Mykolenko Ukraine 24
Ben Chilwell England,New Zealand 26
Luca Pellegrini Italy 24
Luke Shaw England 27
Renan Lodi Brazil 25
Jesús Vázquez Spain 20
Sam McCallum England 22
Carlos Augusto Brazil,Italy 24
Brandon Williams England 22
Federico Dimarco Italy 25
Quilindschy Hartman Netherlands,Curaçao 21
Kevyson Brazil 19
David Alaba Austria,Philippines,Nigeria 30
Sergio Reguilón Spain 26
Mitchel Bakker Netherlands 22
Jamal Lewis Northern Ireland,England 25
Tyrell Malacia Netherlands,Curaçao 23
Achraf Laaziri Morocco 19
Rico Henry England 25
Gianluca Frabotta Italy 23
Benjamin Mendy France,Senegal 28
Adrià Pedrosa Spain 25
Ferland Mendy France,Senegal,Guinea-Bissau 28
Liberato Cacace New Zealand,Italy 22
Reinildo Mozambique 29
Ahmed Aboul Fotouh Egypt 25
Leif Davis England 23
David Jurásek Czechia 22
David Møller Wolfe Norway 21
Emerson Italy,Brazil 28
Max Lowe England 26
Alfonso Pedraza Spain 27
Francisco Ortega Argentina 24
Giuseppe Pezzella Italy 25
Paolo Reyna Peru 21
Matthew Targett England,Scotland 27
Cristiano Biraghi Italy 30
Fodé Ballo-Touré Senegal,France,Mali 26
Christian Günter Germany 30
Pep Chavarría Spain 25
Enzo Díaz Argentina 27
Paulo Otávio Brazil 28
Massadio Haïdara Mali,France 30
Carlos Clerc Spain 31
Juankar Spain 33
Marc Bola Democratic Republic of Congo,England 25
Christopher Rocchia France 25
Jonathan Silva Argentina,Italy 28
Bruno Pittón Argentina 30
Núrio Angola,Portugal 28
Enric Franquesa Spain 26
Mustafa Mohammad Iraq 25
Moisés Brazil 28
Dhurgham Ismail Iraq 29
Souleyman Doumbia Ivory Coast,France 26
Cristián Borja Colombia 30
Matheus Bahia Brazil 23
Gianluca Di Chiara Italy 29
Jamilu Collins Nigeria,Croatia 28
Anton Nedyalkov Bulgaria 30
Kenji-Van Boto Madagascar,France,Réunion 27
Eldar Ćivić Bosnia and Herzegovina 27
Tolo Nouhou Cameroon,United States 25
Diogo Barbosa Brazil 30
Yahia Attiyat allah Morocco 28
Yonatan Murillo Colombia 30
Niklas Kölle Germany 23
Diego Laxalt Uruguay,Italy 30
Matěj Hybš Czechia 30
Franco Ferrari Argentina,Italy 31
Kemar Lawrence Jamaica,United States 30
Alexis Cossío Peru 28
Koki Anzai Japan 28
S'fiso Hlanti South Africa 33
Marko Martinaga Croatia 25
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