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100+ Best Left Backs in Football Manager 2018/2019

The fact is that there are between 10 and 15 percent of left-handed/footed people in the world.

Good left-footed players are a very wanted merchandise!

For example, as you probably now, the Croatian national football team has deficit problems on the left side, especially left backs.

There are a lot of teams which have only two or three left-footed players in the team. And most of the football teams consist with over 20 players!

Because of that, you will see in a lot of occasions a right-footed player playing the left back.


What are the most important attributes for left backs?

Note: these are the attributes I prefer when I choose wing backs or fullbacks for my team!

Bear in mind that these also depend on the football style you prefer, the tactic you choose, the strength of your team etc…


Acceleration (12 or more)

acceleration in fm

Pace (12 or more)

pace in fm

Jumping reach (8 or more)

jumping reach in fm

Stamina (12 or more)

stamina in fm


Crossing (10 or more)

crossing in fm

Dribbling (9 or more)

dribbling in fm

Marking (11 or more)

marking in fm

Tacklinkg (11 or more)

tackling in fm


Determination (10 or more) p.s. this is the most important mental attribute in the game

determination in fm

Work rate (10 or more)

work rate in fm

In conclusion

So, these are the most important attributes for me when I chose my wingbacks/fullbacks…

Also, these attributes are suited for my tactic shape and style of play.

You need to pay attention to player age, as players over 30 tend to lose speed quickly, so it is much more advisable to chose a younger player with a bit lower speed attributes.

Below you can find the biggest list of the best left backs in football manager according to my preferences.

Alex Sandro Brazil 28
Kolasinac, Sead Bosnia & Herzegovina / Germany 25
Emerson Italy / Brazil 25
Mendy, Benjamin France / Senegal 24
Cresswell, Aaron England 29
Monreal, Nacho Spain / Pays Basque 33
Shaw, Luke England 23
Filipe Luís Brazil / Poland 33
Asamoah, Kwadwo Ghana 30
Rahman, Baba Ghana 24
Ghoulam, Faouzi Algeria / France 28
Robertson, Andrew Scotland 25
Gibbs, Kieran England 29
Dummett, Paul Wales / England 27
Daniels, Charlie England 32
Escudero, Sergio Spain 29
Muniesa, Marc Spain 27
Alex Telles Brazil / Italy 26
Antunes Portugal 32
Wendell Brazil 25
Augustinsson, Ludwig Sweden 25
Criscito, Domenico Italy 32
Marçal Brazil 30
Strinic, Ivan Croatia 31
Ansaldi, Cristian Argentina / Italy 32
Cunningham, Greg Ireland 28
Barreca, Antonio Italy 24
Mings, Tyrone England / Barbados 26
Antonelli, Luca Italy 32
Yuri Spain / Pays Basque 29
Jorge Brazil 23
Diogo Barbosa Brazil 26
Mas, Emmanuel Argentina / Italy 30
Fábio Santos Brazil / Portugal 33
Balenziaga, Mikel Spain / Pays Basque 31
Kongolo, Terence Holland / DR Congo 25
Günter, Christian Germany 27
Juankar Spain 29
Ricca, Federico Uruguay / Italy 24
Mendy, Ferland France / Senegal 23
Haidara, Massadio France / Senegal 26
Diego González Spain 24
Regini, Vasco Italy 28
Uendel Brazil 30
Ostrzolek, Matthias Germany / Poland 28
Clichy, Gaël France / Martinique 33
Fuentes, Juan Spain 29
Sobol, Eduard Ukraine 24
Itter, Gian-Luca Germany 20
Novák, Filip Czech Republic 28
De Bock, Laurens Belgium 26
Aldrete, Adrián Mexico 30
Aarón Spain 22
Hernández, Theo France / Spain 21
Martinez, Pablo France / Spain 30
Carole, Lionel France / Martinique 28
Rene Brazil 26
Evangelista, Fernando Argentina / Italy 26
Mattiello, Federico Italy 23
Shinnie, Graeme Scotland 27
Mavinga, Chris DR Congo / France / Angola 28
Bensebaini, Ramy Algeria 24
Vila, Dídac Spain 29
Léo Pelé Brazil 23
Mohammadi, Milad Iran 25
Gómez, Elías Argentina 24
Victor Luís Brazil 25
van den Bergh, Johannes Germany 32
Di Chiara, Gianluca Italy 25
Imorou, Emmanuel Benin / France 30
N'Sakala, Fabrice DR Congo / France 28
Cornejo, Juan Chile 28
Vătăjelu, Bogdan Romania 26
Brivio, Davide Italy 31
Benito, Loris Switzerland / Spain 27
Piovi, Gonzalo Argentina 24
Villalba, Lucas Argentina 24
Camora Portugal / Romania 32
Hlousek, Adam Czech Republic 30
William Matheus Brazil 29
Ruiz, Luis Spain 26
Silva, Jonathan Argentina / Italy 24
Kim Jin-Su South Korea 26
Erdal, Ziya Turkey 31
Calderoni, Marco Italy 30
Bedimo, Henri Cameroon / France 34
Wallace, Lee Scotland 31
Cortez Brazil 32
Molinaro, Cristian Italy 35
Bittolo, Mariano Argentina / Italy 29
Insúa, Emanuel Argentina / Spain 28
Daprela, Fabio Switzerland / Italy 28
Chernov, Evgeny Russia 26
Bijker, Lucas Holland / Canada / Brazil 26
Ayrton Brazil 21
Matheus Reis Brazil 24
Binaku, Egzon Sweden 23
Coker, Ben England 29
Hlanti, S'fiso South Africa 29
Urosevic, Slobodan Serbia 25
Gapon, Evgeny Russia 28
Lebusa, Mosa South Africa 26
Rodic, Milan Serbia 28
Antic, Nikola Serbia 25
Giuliano, Simone Italy 22
Antonov, Nemanja Serbia 24
Lambrughi, Alessandro Italy 32
Céspedes, Jair Peru 35

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